Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What's Up Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday! I had a relatively uneventful week other than dealing with poor Rio and his hurt foot. It was kind of nice, yet somehow not relaxing at all... How does that even happen? Anyway... Here's what's up this Wednesday!
You can read about Rio and his sore foot on yesterday's Truthful Tuesday post. Here is a photo of him looking cute though:
Jampy thinks he's on vacation. When I asked him to school over some jumps on Monday he was mildly offended. He tried to be super lazy until he knocked a rail down and scared himself. Then he ran away with me. And then he was quite good. And quite hot, as we've been having a heat wave here in New England. I love summer!

The Duckling has FINALLY decided to behave himself. Or at least while it was super hot he did. We'll see how it goes tonight now that it's cooler out...

I finally put all the jumps together. The ones that have arrived. I have a few more items coming still. But here they are:

new standards and rails, the walls are old

well this is dark... everything is new on this one

This is a terrible photo. I forgot to take a daytime pic. The brown standards and rails are new. Hurdles are old.

The rest of this jump hasn't arrived yet... but these birch rails are so nice!
The rails are really interesting. The have a wooden core, but the outside is PVC. We'll see how they hold up. I like the weight, and I love that I don't get splinters when I move them. And Rio can't chew them! I don't think anyway. Time will tell on that.

The puggers have been lying low in the heat. They aren't hot weather dogs. But we went out for a walk Saturday evening when it wasn't too bad out. They are hilarious:
The walk was successful since they arrived home and crashed:
Sunday we fit in a half hour at the pool. P loves to sunbathe. And this is why I have pug shaped tan lines:

Pia has a better tan than I do.

Artie prefers the shade. I leave the door open so they can go in if they want. It's risky with all the critters living at the farm... but I think the squirrels all stayed outside.


Monday night, after I finished in the barn at 10 pm (10 pm!) I decided to jump in the pool since it was still 80 degrees out. Best decision ever! It wasn't buggy which was surprising. And the water was perfect.
I got a little crafty on Friday evening. I had seen a cute bracelet set at Golden Tote that I wanted, but I didn't really want to spend the $18.00 for something I could totally make.
 I couldn't find the exact same colored beads, but I found some I liked better. And then I made two sets:

I kind of like them all stacked together! I wore them Saturday night when my bestie and I went to see Trainwreck. (Which is HILARIOUS by the way. As long as you aren't offended by sex and potty jokes.)
So that's what's up this Wednesday! What's up with you? Tell me about your week in the comments!


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    1. Thank you! The horses all think they're imposters from another planet. Sheesh.