Thursday, July 23, 2015

Thursday's Threads

Outfit day! And guess what?! I have THREE to share. One from each discipline. We'll start with last night's riding outfit since I haven't done a horsey one in awhile.
The best thing about having horses at home? I can ride in tank tops without feeling like I'm inappropriately dressed. No one around to see me! This outfit is all pretty old stuff. Let's look closer:
I forgot to look which brand this is. I got it a million years ago at Marshalls. I like that it's long enough to tuck in. Plus it has palm trees on it. Perfect!

Breeches: Ovation
These are some oldies. They are side zip, but do not have the popular euro seat stitching all the cool kids are wearing. They're super comfy and fit well though. They don't do that saggy crotch thing the Tuffrider breeches seem to do to me.

Boots: Tuffrider
These are the sport model. You already know I love these. I should probably take better care of them... But they're for everyday, so they look it.

Next up: Running outfit!
Mint! Yay! I love running skirts, so glad it's summer and I can wear them. It was nice and cool this morning. Perfect running weather!

Top: Aeropostale
I love that this is loose fitting yet also a wicking material. I am pleasantly surprised by the Aeropostale workout clothes. If you haven't tried them yet, I recommend giving them a shot. They're inexpensive and very comfortable.

Skirt: Avia
I love the mint trim and attached shorts on this skirt. So fun! It's super comfortable and fits great.

Ok now on to work clothes:

I'm glad my workplace is so casual. I love tanks and jeans, and it makes me so happy to be able to wear them to work.

Top: Le Lis
After joining Golden Tote's trading group, I saw someone mention this other company called Moxie.Style which is new. They are a fun clothing website with a twist. They have a few limited items to purchase right on the site, but they also have Mystery Bags. I love a good mystery! So I ordered a couple and have been having so much fun with them! This top is one of my surprise items. I'm not usually a big fan of coral, but for some reason I love this tank. Like LOVE love it. The mystery bags are fun because I'm getting to try things I would probably overlook on my own.

Pants: Rue 21
These are oldies you've seen before. Very comfy, and I love that they're not-quite-white. Makes me feel safer about keeping them clean-ish.

Belt: No Brand
I got this on Ebay. It's clearly a Gucci knockoff but I gotta say...It's kind of a terrible knock off. But I like it anyway.

Shoes: Rocket Dog

I accidentally went shopping at Famous Brand Shoes the other day... Oops. And came home with these adorable flip flops. I love the beading and rhinestones!

Arm Party:
 Another ebay find to start us off. I like this new style! Next is a leather and chain bracelet from Ettika, and last is my trusty watch.

Let's start on the right side because I'm so excited about that bracelet! It's from Kate Spade and I'm pretty ashamed by how much money I spent on it. But I mean... a bracelet shaped like SUNNIES! I've been wearing it since it arrived. Under that is a pretty neon coral bracelet from Express and a white and gold braided bracelet from Baublebar.

That's what I'm wearing today! What are you wearing? Can you be casual at work or do you have to stay professional?

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