Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thursdays Threads

Happy Thursday! Or Friday Eve... however you want to look at it. Either way, it's almost the weekend! AND OUTFIT DAY! Woohoo!
I don't have a horsey outfit again this week. Sorry horse friends! But I have a work outfit that's pretty cute and a running outfit that's super bright. We'll start with this morning's running outfit:

 Neon! It's important to be seen when running on the roads, so what better way than with NEON!? No better way my friends. Oh... well maybe flashy lights. But I save those for when it's darker.

Shorts: Fila
 These are a fun two-in-one pair. The undershorts are neon yellow and the outer are black mesh, making that neon really pop through. Pardon my pale legs. I ride horses.

Top: Outrun38
I love my Outrun Tanks. This one is actually Under Armor brand so you know it's great quality. I do kind of wish the letters were darker, like a gray or black maybe, so they can be seen a little better. But it's very comfy and I like the reflective strips on the sides.

Now for work clothes!
It's a tank top and green pants sort of day! It's a little cool today, and I probably could have worn sleeves... but I've been wanting to wear this top for awhile and today seemed like a good day. That's Artie photo-bombing in the background. Curly tail for the win!

Top: Solitaire
I love this. It's so summery and girly and yet simple at the same time. My only complaint is that the back of the shirt doesn't have the crochet on it. It does at the top on the back, but then it ends and it's just plain cotton. It's very soft though, and I really like that it's lined.

Pants: Buffalo Jeans
These have been around awhile. I'm sure you've seen them at some point! Very comfy, mossy green skinny jeans. Can't go wrong there!

Shoes: Seychelles
I really REALLY need a pedicure. Sorry for that. But ugly feet aside, how cute are these sandals?! I've had them a LONG time and pretty much forgot all about them. Until half way through my shower today, and I was all "I NEED to wear those sandals!! Where are they..." Glad I found them. I had gotten these from Little Black Bag. Which has been out of business over a year now. So that's how old they are. I'm mildly ashamed.

Arm Party:
I've shown you all of these before, but probably not all together. First is a stone bangle from Zulilly, next is my "Gucci" bangle from Ebay, followed by a stretch bracelet that I strung, and of course, my trusty time piece.

Righty is rocking Hermes today! Spoiled righty. First up is my genuine Hermes bracelet that my dad and stepmom gave me for my birthday. (Seriously in love with this!) The other is more of an inspired piece from Ebay.

That's what I'm wearing today! What's your favorite item from today? What are you wearing?