Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday's Threads!

It's a slow day over here on Thursday's Threads. This old asthmatic decided not to run in the 75 degree 100% humidity this morning, so no running outfit. And I forgot to take outfit pictures last night when I was in the barn, so no riding outfit either! Ah! Bad blogger! But I have a super cute work outfit for today at least!
That's right. I wore a DRESS! To work! I'm sure I'll regret this choice once the jet-engine of an air conditioner gets pumping... But for now it's adorable. Pardon my neon white legs. I ride horses.

Dress: Fantastic Fawn

I love this dress. I love everything about it. The length, the pattern, the colors, the style... EVERYTHING! I actually have it in two different patterns. Because I have so much love for it. I received them both in mystery totes from Moxie.Style which I am hoping to do a full post on very soon! Moxie.Style is a fairly new website that I recently discovered and am completely hooked on. I'll tell you more and show you all kinds of fun clothes I've purchased from them in the very near future!

Shoes: Guess
Ugh. My feet. Sorry. Ew. But the flip flops are super cute. They're leather with rhinestones. And MINT! These were from the final days of Little Black Bag. I had forgotten all about them and they've been sitting unworn in their box. Shame on me!

Arm Party:
Lefty is adorning a hot pink spike bracelet from Forever21, a beaded friendship bracelet from Ettika, and of course, my trusty watch.

Righty is wearing a wrap bracelet from Ettika and one of ebay finds. If you look closely at the wrap bracelet, you can see there's a strip of rhinestones under the blue leather. So fun!

What are you wearing today?


  1. adorable! Really love that pattern! So fun for summer

    1. Thank you! It's perfect for these awesome heat wave days! I love summer :)

  2. That dress is everything! I would wear that every day!

    1. I feel like wrap dresses are a little like wearing a bathrobe... in a good way of course! So comfy!

  3. Cute dress!<3
    Btw, mind following each other via gfc and g+? Let me know :)


    1. Thank you!
      I'm not sure what GFC is, but I followed you on g+ :)