Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What's Up Wednesday!

So much is up this Wednesday! I had lots of fun things scheduled for the long weekend, and unfortunately almost none of it went as planned. But that's life for you right? All worked out in the end at least. I think instead of categories, we'll just go day by day this week.

Thursday morning, I dragged my squinty eye and bruised body out for an easy (ha!) run with Vanessa and Pepper. It surprisingly went pretty well and we managed 3 miles with just a little walking at the end. Sometimes it's nice to take it easy. We were proud of our adorable outfits for the morning too:
Pepper is a streaker, so she couldn't get in on the outfit photo.
After running it was a full day of work, and then riding.
I'm having part of the roof replaced on my house, so Thursday that project started at 7 am.
Then it was a full day of work and pony time! I had a great school with Jampy (meaning we jumped some jumps). He wasn't spooky, and was listening great! We were planning to horse show on Friday so I was feeling confident after our ride.
Unfortunately, after his bath, Jampy came down with a belly ache. Horses aren't able to throw up, so when their tummy hurts, it's pretty serious business. I took him back out for a walk to see if that would help. It didn't, so I gave him some meds and called the vet. By then the meds had started to work, so things were going better. But that meant no pony show for Jampy on Friday. Honestly, he could have just said, "Mom, I don't want to go to the horse show." Sheesh. I'm glad it turned out to be nothing though!
It was pretty late by the time Jamp was feeling back to normal, so Ducky and Rio had a day off. (Who am I kidding, every day is a day off for Rio!)
Since I no longer had to be up at 5 am to horse show, I spent the evening relaxing with these two:

AND I even got a little crafty:

That last one is my favorite!

Ahhhh a day off! I had my new helper working Friday and my horse show was canceled so I had a whole morning to be productive in the house! AND run errands. It was amazing. I cleaned out a section of the closet, ran a few errands, and then came home to this:
Well not exactly that, it was laying on the ground upside down when I got home. Jamp must have gotten himself a little too close to the wall when he was rolling and kicked it off the wall. He sure was trying hard to put a damper on the holiday weekend! Thankfully I know some really fantastic people and it was fixed back up in no time.
I rode Ducky and Jamp (lightly just in case!), and spent some quality time with Rio. It was a gorgeous day so we took some pretty photos while eating grass:

Once done with the equine for the evening, I was pretty pooped.
Like this. Only slightly more human looking
 The Benedryl I'd been taking for the bee stings really does a number on your energy level!
But not much on your swelling really... The rest of my night?
Napping on the floor in a Pug sandwich. We sure know how to party!
Saturday- July 4th!!:
Busy day ahead! I gave my new helper the holiday off so I had barn chores to do in the morning. Originally I had planned to run the Chester Rotary 4 on the 4th, but at the last minute I bailed. I was feeling so drained from my Benedryl induced semi-coma, I didn't think I had it in me. That race is a challenge on the best of days because it is non stop hills. NON STOP HILLS! I knew I could probably manage to cross that finish, but I also knew I had a lot left to do the rest of the day and night. And sometimes, you have to forfeit a road race. It happens. There's always next year!
I headed out to the barn fairly early instead so I could get chores done as quickly as possible. The horses were having the day off (everyone deserves a holiday!) and I had a party to get to!
Party outfit:

Somehow, I was too busy eating and socializing to take any barbeque photos. But I had a great time visiting with friends. The party was at Vanessa's Mom's lake house and the rain held off until it was time to go home. Perfect!
I stopped at the store for some appetizers and snacks for the evening portion of my day, then went home to feed all the four legged kids and grab a sweatshirt. I was meeting my oldest friend and her family at my dad's beach house to see if there would be any fireworks to watch. As a bonus, my little brother and his girlfriend were in town! It was such a great evening, full of yummy snacks, good friends, and fireworks!
Little brother making a "cake" and his GF

Me and my besty and her hubs photobombing

Daddy's girl

Yay fourth of July!

Gorgeous evening

Though I had a barn helper, Sunday was an EARLY morning for me! I had to be at my neighbor's house by 6 am to braid her young horse for his first horse show. He looked adorable:

After braiding, I took the short kids out for a walk:

Then it was naptime for the Pugs. That 1.3 miles was killer!

It was still SUPER early and my helper was working away in the barn, so I headed into town for a trip to the farmers market. I got all kinds of goodies! Including fish for dinner that night (and enough for the next night too):
veggies, potatoes, and fish, all from my local farmer's market. And I cooked it myself! And didn't die after eating it. Win!
After that, it was time to play with the tall kids.

And after all that...
Monday and Tuesday:
I lump these together because they weren't terribly exciting, and were mostly mirror images of one another. Monday I finally went to the Dr for a little help with my bee stings. I didn't want any more Benadryl! And was still looking like this:
He gave me some steroids to help with the reaction and it's looking MUCH better!
The tall kids worked Monday and Tuesday this week. Nothing exciting to write about, but they've been good. Planning to show Jamp on Saturday this week. Let's hope no tummy aches get in the way of our plans!
 Still working on getting more running in my schedule. Now that the bruises and bee stings are healing up, no more excuses! (RIGHT?!)
So that's what's been up. Sorry it's so long and picture heavy... but who doesn't love pictures?! 
What's up with you this Wednesday? Tell me your holiday stories in the comments!


  1. Omg I love that last bracelet so much :) Sounds like you had kind of a crazy week!

    1. Thank you! I've had those beads awhile, and was dying to figure out what to do with them!
      It was a little crazy! Thankfully things have settled down.