Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Truthful Tuesday... the one where marketing gets the best of me. And some other shopping indiscretions.


I did an awful lot of online shopping when lockdown first started because I was working on improving my home while I was stuck inside. So I had to put my foot down and rein it back for awhile so I could pay my taxes. (I pay a LOT in taxes every year, like I could buy a couple Shiny ponies for it...) Now that I've gotten that squared away for the year, I maybe fell off the wagon a little lot. I had planned to stay with my limited shopping rule. Saving money is never a bad idea. But... well... a few things happened.

First, Kentucky Horsewear came out with pine green blankets. In the weight I've been hunting for! AND it's a limited edition color. So I kind of felt like I had to order. But then it spiraled. So I got the 100 gram I needed. They arrived already and are BEAUTIFUL. Will be kind of a shame to put them on the horses and dirty them up...

Here's where it takes a turn... They also made them in heavy. AND they have quarter sheets... So I had to have all of it. 

This is the heavy one. Same features as the other, but with more fill.

The quarter sheets I almost didn't get. I mean, I have the fancy ones from Mattes that I got last year. But these are a nicer material. They're still fleece, but it's a heavy fleece and actually feels like wool. I'm not sure how they did that. I'll be curious to see if static is still an issue with the way this material is made. Time will tell.
They're also my favorite type that attaches behind the saddle.

I asked if they'll make sheets to match, and unfortunately they have no plans to. If any of you green lovers wanted to reach out, maybe they'd change their minds? 
I really wanted to get two of each blanket for each horse so we had a set for home and a set for shows, but my money tree isn't blooming. Maybe later in the season I can get another set if there are any green left. But really, it's not like I show anyway, so probably don't even really need the second set.

So the whole "Limited Edition" thing got me. I felt like I HAD to have them right away because FOMO. Oh well. I'm a marketer's dream I guess.

But um... well. That's not all I bought. I bought two other things... One not so expensive and one that was really unnecessary. 
The not so bad? QHP made some open front boots that are basically identical to the ones from Premier. But they made them in green! I got a full size and a Shiny size. They tried them out this weekend and we all like them very much.

And now. The really bad one. Helmet awareness weekend got the better of me. But I didn't do the mature, responsible thing and get a MIPS helmet. (Though, in my defense, I do have the One K MIPS helmet on back order, so I am getting one...) Nope. What did I get? Well. I got a helmet to match my awesome unicorn boots. 

I know. I'd say I'm ashamed, and that it's risky behavior. But it's no more risky than wearing any of my other helmets at the moment. And it's pretty and holographic and I'm gonna love it. So no shame here my friends. Of course waiting the 6 to 8 weeks for it is like torture... Which led me to nearly buy another in stock pretty helmet, but I managed to control myself there at least. For now.

So yeah. I've spent all my money again. Oops. At least my horse kids will be beautifully outfitted. Have you guys done any shopping lately? What did you get?!


  1. I just love living vicariously through your shopping posts. That helmet is epic!

    1. I really fell off the wagon....
      Thank you, I CANNOT wait for it to arrive!

  2. I have been mostly good since that day in April where I lost it and ordered two custom Mattes and then some Kastels I hoped would match (they do not but whatever, I own every shade of blue/green there is lol). Buttttt a few weeks ago I fell victim to a sale at Pearlescent Pony and bought a rose gold piped bridle (that is coming sometime this week I hope) and then Two Horse Tack got me last weekend when their deal of the day was the buckle nose halter -- I have been meaning to get some for the rest of my horses after I got Ruby's in like... 2017, haha. So I finally did that! Only 3.5 years late! ;) oh wait, I'm forgetting about the spree this weekend at my local tack store (which is closing, wah!) in which I bought multiple turnout sheets, no bows, gloves, another tigers tongue, braiding bands, socks, breeches, a show shirt (I don't even show!)... and I think that's it? Christ... haha.

    That helmet is INSANELY BEAUTIFUL. Omg. Love.

    1. Hahaha! You fell off the wagon too! LOVE your new bridle, so pretty! And you can wear the show shirt for work. So totally useful now.

  3. I drooled over those Kentucky blankets too, mine just never wear stable blankets.

    1. They are beautiful. I actually thought it was more like a cooler when I first ordered. But then they came and they can definitely wear them in the stall. Be a real shame to get poop on them though...

  4. Those are really nice sheets. The green would mask the poo stains nicely!

    1. Green does help hide the stains! Lol!
      I am really impressed with them! Can't wait to see and feel the heavy ones.