Wednesday, September 30, 2020

What's Up Wednesday


Things are moving along over here. Thankfully fall calmed itself down and it's been warmer out so the horses weren't too sassy this past week. My rib is still pretty sore, so we've been doing a lot of trot work and not so much canter. Not a bad thing. 

I did jump Shiny this week, and I actually noticed a change in her. It's not been uncommon for her to break to trot on course, especially off a short turn. But this week, she actually listened when I closed my leg. And she's starting to carry herself better in general. Exciting when you can see these changes! 

This is a teeny tiny crossrail, but it's one of my favorite screen grabs. I just love her expression in this one.

I did shorten the out of the combination for this week's school and found something interesting there too. She has a terrible left drift (which I'm aware of, and we're working on it) and I think that's why we weren't making the distance very well before. She's literally cantering diagonally through there. Makes the distance a lot longer! But not having to worry about making it out, I was able to try and focus more on holding her straight, and letting her figure things out more. 

No, that is not in fact the center...

Part of me is DYING to put the jumps up a little. She really is just cantering over 2' at this point. 

This is Shiny, cantering over this 2' fence.

But I want her to be strong and ridable before I make things too much harder. Maybe this week we'll put the out up a hole... we'll see!

Below are two video clips of the same little course. One from Pivo Silver and one from Pivo Red. We made mistakes, but who doesn't? I just think she's the cutest nugget and I'm having so much fun with her!

Eros is doing Eros things. He's mostly perfect, but I did catch this hilarious spook the other day:

He does make a lovely Giraffe. And I'm impressed that there's only one foot on the ground. So agile he is! But the rest of the ride he was still perfect.

No real updates on Pammon. We're doing the thing, and he still feels blah to me. But we've stayed up right this week, so that's a win.

I actually got to do some braiding this week! Haven't done much this year so it was nice to have the opportunity. The horse was a very sweet boy, stood like a gentleman the whole time. He was also very tall. Had to be about 17.2 at least.

And in other hair news, I tried out the espresso brown color from Overtone. 

I really wanted to cover my grays before we do photos at the end of October, and figured I wouldn't want purple hair for that... I did this early in case I hated it. But I actually really like it. Looks natural. My grays are still much lighter than the rest of my hair, but they're brown. Looks like i have highlights! So that's kinda fun.
I look super creepy here... but my hair looks nice!

That's about it from here. Did you all have a good week/weekend? Doing anything fun and exciting?


  1. The greys become automatic highlights lol

  2. Shiny is the cutest! Glad you are making some progress in her fitness/training.

    That hair colour looks great. I'm terrified to try at home colour... lol Grey hair is a pain since the texture is different too! I'm trying to decide if I should colour again, or just own the grey hairs that are coming in.

    1. Thanks! I just love her!
      So I'm terrified to actually dye it myself, plus I know I'll end up dying the entire bathroom. This is just tinted conditioner so it's very temporary. Still managed to dye the bathtub though...