Thursday, September 24, 2020

Thursday's Threads


Outfit day already! This week has flown right by... I had an exciting realization that a pair of boots that I LOVE but never wore because they were too tight actually fit me now. So I was super excited to share them this week. So, here's what I wore to ride yesterday:

I know, green again... but really this week is more brown themed with green accents. Totally different.

Helmet: One K Defender
I haven't worn this helmet in FOREVER. No time like the present to bust it out! It has snakeskin for the center panel.

Top: Unsure of brand

I stumbled across this hoodie awhile back on Poshmark. How perfect is it?! Exactly my barn colors and covered in horses? I HAD to have it.

Belt: Pony Locks

Jampy's belt was clearly the best choice for this outfit. Being that it's chocolate brown with just a thin layer of green padding for trim.

Breeches: Tailored Sportsman
I'm such a sucker for a tan patch...

Boots: Mountain Horse Serengetti
You guys. I am SO excited to finally be fitting in these boots. I love them. They're green and brown, and SO comfortable. Plus, the height is perfect too. Like they were made for me! I've been staring at them for about a year and a half now. Almost sold them so many times. So glad I held on to them. For some reason, Mountain horse doesn't make wide calf boots in my shoe size. I wear a six. They don't make wide calf until size 7. Makes no sense, but it's limited my buying from them. I took a chance on the regular with these just because I loved them so much. FINALLY I can wear them! Woohoo!

Arm Party!!!
These are mostly repeats from last week. I'm really loving this bit bracelet I made... I hope that's not to vain. But it's super cute and comfortable to wear. The middle one I made a long while ago. It has a brown braided leather in the center then gold and green on either side. Pretty perfect match to the sweatshirt. And I've been wearing the green rubber band for a bit now. Love the shade of green!


Righty is donning this wrap bracelet with the running horse (matches the ones on the shirt!) along with the fitbit. This wrap is a new design for me, but I think I like it! Might have to make a green one too. 

That's what I wore, but the horses have outfits to share too! I forgot to take full photos (sorry) but here's everything individually:

Saddles: Butet for both!
Pads: Eous baby pad with a horze half pad for Eros, FSS pad for Shiny

It's interesting... these saddles are actually basically the same model. Both are the deep seat (Butet calls it a C). Eros' has a 2 flap and Shiny has a 1. But the difference in length between the two flaps is a lot. They don't make a size in between that I know of, but the 2 is too long for me and the 1 is too short. I wanted a short flap for the pony, so no complaints. I'm just not sure what I would do if I decided my real saddle will be a Butet. It's possible the flap size increases some with the seat size maybe... Shiny's is a 17 and Eros' is a 17.5. I guess this is why you have a rep out if you plan to buy new.

Boots: HKM for Eros and Eskadron for Shiny

I've had the HKM boots forever, but Shiny's are newish (I've had them awhile but haven't used them until now),

Bridles: Both are wearing the QHP Bridle with browbands from Dark Jewel Designs

And that's it! Any favorites? 


  1. I just realized I never really comment on your outfit posts but I love them so much and they're like the highlight of my Thursday so never stop. I have to live through you because my barn outfits are, uh, utilitarian and that's about it :)

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy them! I have fun putting them together, so I only hope people like seeing them!