Thursday, April 2, 2020

Thursday's Threads... and stuff

 and stuff...

I guess we'll start with the stuff. With things getting pretty wild here in CT (we are currently the 4th hardest hit state with Covid-19) I made the decision to stop going to the barn. I brought more grain out on Tuesday, and did our normal routine for the last time. It was a really hard decision. I haven't been horseless like this in... well... MANY years. While I would love to have them here with me at home, Pammon is a lot to manage as he has to stay some what sedated while he finishes healing and closely monitored during his turnout time. It would be a lot to juggle with work. More importantly though, I am still awaiting my hay delivery. So until that comes, moving them home isn't an option. I know they'll be in good hands. But I'm still really sad. I miss them terribly. And I JUST got Pammon back, ya know? Hopefully I'll get some photos and videos.
Now it's just me and the puggers here at the homestead. I'm making myself get some exercise after work, and started working on one of those jewel paintings. It's a pug. I'll post a photo when it's finished. Also still working on getting the house cleaned out and organized. Gotta make the best out of all this ya know? And what better way to spend this time at home, than making my home more comfortable and presentable, because some day we'll be able to have friends visit again. This won't last forever.

And that's about it for the stuff. Let's move on to Thursday's Threads and lighten the mood around here.

In my efforts to ration my snacks (grocery delivery isn't until next week...) I've dropped 7 lbs, so that's something good I guess. Maybe by the time shows happen again (and/or I have a sound horse to ride) I'll fit back into my show clothes!

Sweatshirt: Aeropostale
T-shirt: Back on Track
This hoody is fleece, but it's knit fleece. So it's like fancy fleece. And I can't say enough great things about my Back on Track tee shirts. They're comfy, and fit nicely, and they make you feel great. We all need to feel great about now.

Belt: C4
I thought this bubbly belt was super cute, especially with the rose gold buckle. I haven't actually been drinking... but I do have plenty of wine. Just in case.

Jeans: Lucky Brand
I'm trying to not turn into a cave animal, so most days I do get dressed. But I'm sure there will be some quality Thursday's Threads posts in sweatpants at some point... For now, I'm wearing my ripped jeans to work (at home)!

They say "Nap All Day, Sleep All Night" up on the leg part, and "Party Never" across the feet. Seems appropriate for these times. I'm not wearing shoes anymore, so expect socks from here until life resumes. Or flip flop season arrives. Which ever comes first.

Arm Party!
I've just been wearing the same stuff on my arms every day for awhile. But I'll switch it up next week. Here we have the Loriece bracelet and my apple watch.

Righty is donning the Hermes saddle nail bracelet with the black strap, my full cheek bit bracelet, and my fitbit.

And that's it from here! I hope you're all staying healthy and sane. We're all in this thing together even if we're all apart. For those of you still seeing your horses or living with them, please keep posting! I need my horsey fix any way I can get it.


  1. You're better than me. You're wearing REAL PANTS. I'm sticking 100% to leggings, yoga pants, and sweat pants with the occasional pj pant thrown in. I think the last time I wore real pants was the last time I rode and those pants were breeches (3/13). This is bad, really bad. And I'm basically just wearing sweatshirts and tshirts and fleeces. And crocs. I do wear sneakers when I walk the dogs and muckboots out to do stalls and turnout, but... My fashion is pathetic. I wore a NICE black top yesterday that was still a sweatshirt, but looked like a sweater on zoom because we were interviewing. I was NOT dressing up. This is what I've turned in to...

    But, at least your blog has words. I think I just post pictures.

    1. I can't say real pants happen EVERY day... but I'm trying for most days.
      I have nothing to photograph lately, so it's just words! Hopefully the barn sends me picutres!

  2. I'm still going to our office, so I will have to wear "real" clothes. It's a real bummer.
    But I at least still get to see my pony. Who keeps hurting herself. Yippee. Thanks for picking this time to keep on hurting yourself horse!

    1. Ugh, I hope you're able to stay distant while having to go into the office. Stay safe out there!

    2. Trying to ! Husband and I (and our roommate) are all considered essential, while those two have to go to work, my husbands company has at least taken as many precautions as they can, and are evolving day by day.
      They won't let us work from home even though they could get us set up to do so......

  3. I have gotten dressed in "real clothes" about every other day and it usually does help me be more productive at home so I should do it every day but it's exhausting haha. And I'm annoyed that I spent Dec/Jan/Feb carefully shopping for a ton of new more professional work clothes.....that I'm not wearing right now 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    Sorry to hear about being horseless for now 😕 that's rough. Hopefully they send you lots of updates!

    1. I'm hoping they do!
      I feel you on the new clothes. My poor shoes are feeling severely neglected.

  4. You look great! Congrats on the 7lbs!! And sorry about your ponies. :(

    I work from home even when we are not in this weird stay at home limbo, but I definitely do get up, workout, shower, get dressed, etc most days. I only wear jammies to work when I don't feel good and would have stayed home from the office (when I went to the office) anyway. Then I totally change into "home" jammies when I am done for the day. I think it's important for my mental health to have a routine since I don't go anywhere by upstairs to go to work :)

    1. I agree, routine is so important! Even if that routine is a little different these days.

  5. I've lost 2 lbs and its definitely because I'm not going to bars or eating out as much! lol

  6. Hi Stacey, I have nominated you for The Sunshine Blogger Award. I hope you will accept the award and that you enjoy answering the questions. Here is the link: -- With love, Debby