Thursday, November 29, 2018

Thursday's Threads: Travel Edition

Happy outfit day! I'm heading down to Florida for a long weekend, so I think this is my first post done entirely from a tablet... Hopefully it goes ok! 
Edit: Annoyingly glitchy on the tablet! It did not go ok. I am finishing it at home in Florida. Boo.
I'll start with my travel outfit since I titled this the travel edition.

Comfy clothes for airplane is a must!

Cardigan: Modcloth
Top: Ronner Design

Modcloth calls this sweater the Airport Cardigan, so I figured I should wear it there, right? I have it in a few colors. I like that it's cute open or closed. You already know of my love for Ronner shirts. This is my last one to show you guys. (Until I buy more, let's be real.)

Belt: Tory Burch

I think you've seen this one a bunch. I got it at the Tory Burch outlet a few years ago. It's soft, gold, and shiny! What more could you want?

Jeans: Seven Jeans

The heavy, tan stitching on these feels really horsey to me, so I thought they were perfect to pair with the pony shirt.

Socks: Blue Q

I don't normally share my socks, but I heart these. Pardon the language...

Shoes: Seychelles
I LOVE Sechelles shoes. They're pretty and they're also comfortable which is not an easy combo to find. They can be expensive, but I've always found them on sale for reasonable prices.

Arm Party!
My arms decided to be fancy pantsy today since I'm heading to fancy pants Florida. Lefty is donning a (secondhand) leather bracelet from Louis Vuitton along with my trusty apple watch.

Righty is donning an H bracelet along with a couple actual Hermes arm pieces. The wrap bracelet was a gift from my dad and stepmom a few years ago, and the other I got on Poshmark.

That's what I wore to travel today! But I also have a riding outfit to share!
That's a very tired, post lesson me.  

Helmet: One K
That's a slightly less tired pre-lesson me....

Jacket, vest, and top: Eddie Bauer
This jacket and vest are the same as the black ones I've worn the last few weeks, just in a pretty teal color. I really love these. They're super warm, but not bulky. And I've had both sets for a few years now, without them showing much wear.

Belt: Harry's Horse
I recently jumped on the rose gold bandwagon with full force... So clearly, I needed this pretty rose gold and black bit belt.

Breeches: Harry's Horse

I found these on Tack Dealz awhile back. I got these and a navy pair, and I really love both. The fit is perfect, and they have just the right amount of stretch. I think the streaky paint-like details are super fun too.

Boots: TuffRider Regal
Yeah, I'm still sticking with the old comfies for lessons. Don't want to be distracted by partially broken in boots.

And that's it for today! I have a relaxing weekend ahead. I don't think I'll get to do any riding down here this year, but I'm still going to visit my trainer and maybe the horse show. So that will be fun and get me my horsey fix! 
Any favorites from today? Did you snag any horsey clothes deals last weekend?


  1. have fun in Florida hope it gets warmer there I saw it was even cold down there. That would suck to go there and not get warm weather for you :) HA HA HA.....I bought nothing that is clothing last weekend that jacket looks so cozy and so does that sweater you wore on airplane!!

    1. Ha! I was worried about that! It's been nice though, in the 70's for the most part. Today is in the 80's with a breeze. Definitely tough to pack up and head home tomorrow!

  2. Love the socks! Those are total power socks!

  3. Obsessed with the tory belt and those shoes. I love all things metallic. Hmm I got a Ruespari belt to match my brown tall boots, and I said that was all I was getting, until Karen decided she need to find a new home with her Navy Romfh's... so now those are on their way to my house too LOL!

    1. I love metallic too! You should see the ridiculous leather jacket I just got... It's rose gold metallic, and it's really something. Not quite sure where one wears such a thing!
      I was wishing Karen's breeches were a size bigger and maybe not longs... Haha! Glad they found a great home! They totally don't count anyway, that was a good deal!