Wednesday, November 7, 2018

What's Up Wednesday

I feel like so much happens in a week these days, that when I look back, it's hard to remember everything. And I have a severe lack of media AGAIN. You'd think being at a busy barn there'd be people around to take some photos or video or something... Anyway, let's try and look back at last week.
I had my lesson on Thursday, but it didn't go as well as the last one. It was more reminiscent of that first time Eros and I jumped. He's been a little spooky lately, nothing like Jamp of course, but just looky and inattentive. I'm wondering if he was on depo before I got him, because it would have worn off by now for sure. He's not been bad really, just not quite the super quiet horse he's been. Anyway, he jumped all the jumps and all of that, but was very strong an landing and trying very hard not to be a straight horse. We finished up with a nice straight line with the correct amount of steps and called it a day. I'm hoping I'll have a better lesson this week. We've been working a lot harder in our flat sessions, so hopefully that will take some of his edge off.
 Friday I took a half day from work because Jampy was getting x-rays again in the afternoon. And GOOD NEWS! His feet are really looking good. Doc thinks maybe three more shoeings if he keeps growing at the same rate, and he'll have grown out all of the founder hoof! He doesn't need to have x-rays again until spring time either. And Doc was talking about when I start riding him! RIDING HIM! Who'd have thought?
After the vet, I ran over to the barn to ride Eros quick before meeting up with a friend of mine to see a play. Ugh, you guys. The play was terrible. I knew going in it was about a young woman from the north who moves south in the 1950's. All of the women in her new small town are KKK members. That's all I knew. I figured there was a good message there, and it would end with the KKK falling or something. Only it didn't end that way. It ended with the whistle blower getting run over repeatedly (they didn't show that at least I guess). Anyway. It was awful. Wish I could get those hours back.
Saturday was yet another rainy day. A BUSY rainy day. It started with a 5K I ran with some friends.
Fortunately it stopped raining long enough for me to slog my way through that. Faster than the last two even! (35:59 so not by much, but I'll take it!) All I really wanted to do after that was take a shower and curl up in a blankie, but alas, I have horses so that wasn't an option.
 I fed the boys at home lunch and then headed over to the barn. Eddie's mom brought him over there for me to ride since her place was too muddy, and we were having this insane wind (50 mph gusts). He definitely needed a little lunge, but he was really good in the new and busy environment. Eventually I got on Eros too, who was a little ridiculous with the wind noises in the indoor. But he kept it together and nobody died. So #winning!
 Then it was home to groom the old men and feed.
I spent Saturday evening with these two doing some laundry and not socializing because I was exhausted. Too much exercise for me in one day!
Sunday morning I made Eros work his giant bum off. He had it easy Saturday, but I really don't want him thinking it's ok to be spooky. It's really not because he needs to be safe for my step mom. He was actually fantastic and finally softened into a nice frame with actual engagement. Good pony.
Next stop was Eddie's house. We had some jumping to do! I think it's been 2, maybe even 3 weeks since we last jumped, and Eddie is BORED. He LOVES jumping. He was a little distracted so it wasn't really our best jump school ever, but it was still pretty decent. We stuck to single jumps and some roll backs to keep his attention.
After Eddie I headed back home to take care of the boys. I wanted to finally walk Jamp outside again. Unfortunately, just as I brought him out, my PITA neighbor started hammering away on something. You all know Jamp. That was too much for him. So we walked inside again. Boo. Rio walked outside because he doesn't care about the spooky neighbor, and then got to have some grass too.

Monday I kind of took a day off. I went to work, and fed my boys, and went grocery shopping. But I didn't groom or walk anyone. Hey, even horse mom's need an evening off now and then!
Tuesday was the usual, walk, flat Eros, groom the boys.
And that's about it! This weekend Nona Garson is coming to do a two day clinic at the barn. Step mom is riding in a flat session Saturday, and I'll be jumping on Sunday. Hopefully it goes well!
How was your weekend? Do anything fun? Run a race, show a horse? Go for a trail ride? Tell me all about it in the comments!


  1. I photographed at a dressage show all weekend -- weather was gross, but it was inside, so I got slightly more exercise than vegging out on my couch all weekend, lol. Plus I sold enough photos to pay for a few lessons, so #winning!

    1. Oh nice!!! Can't beat a hobby that pays for lessons!

  2. i am sure Eros is just settling in, new place, new barn, new routine. Things to look and spook at! He is lovely so sweet a face. Glad you are doing all the things before you are snowed in for winter time :) HA HA HA

    I am heading north today so no horsey stuff for me!! I will have to live reading all you guys's blogs.

    Last year I was riding more than you and now look at you this year. Showoff :) HA HAHAH Love the pugs too and yay on Jamps good news!

    1. I know! You need to get back in the saddle more regularly! I swear, sometimes having them at home equals less riding time instead of more. Not sure why that happens...

  3. Interesting play but I feel like that ending makes sense since the KKK is still alive and strong and gaining new membership, on a whole I dislike plays as an entertainment medium

    1. I suppose that's a valid point. It was very uncomfortable but maybe that was the point.
      I like the theater usually! But prefer something less horrifying I guess.