Thursday, November 1, 2018

Thursday's Threads: Candy Corn Edition

Outfit Day! I'm breaking my rule of always sharing what I'm wearing on this actual Thursday, because Halloween was yesterday. Plus, it's my blog and I can do whatever I want.
Everyone loves to hate candy corn, but I actually like it. In moderation anyway. But when it comes to ridiculous outfits, we all know that I know nothing about moderation. So today, I have a candy corn outfit to share in EVERY GENRE! Work outfit, riding outfit, AND a running outfit. Eros wore an outfit too. This is gonna be long. And full of candy corn. I'll go in order of wearing, so we'll start with the running outfit:
I wore this a few weekends ago to the Ivoryton Pumpkin Chase where I ran my slowest 5K ever (until the next day).

Headband: Chalk Talk Sports
This actually wound up being a little big and slippy, so I wrapped it around my messy bun for the actual run instead.

Top: Look Human
I went hunting for a candy corn themed tank to run in, and when this uni-candycorn popped up in my search engine, obviously I knew that's what I needed. Kind of looks like Eros with that giant belly!

Sleeves: Chalk Talk Sports
You really never know what the weather will be like in October. So I wasn't completely sure the tank would be ok, but then I found sleeves, and was like, YES.

Tutu: Chalk Talk Sports
Leggings: (I didn't get a photo of just the leggings, but you can see above) Fabletics
I have no good explanation. I saw a candy corn tutu and the next thing I knew, I owned it.

Socks: Not sure on brand...
I found these on Amazon. They are awesome.

Shoes: Adidas
Adidas used to have a subscription box that was pretty awesome. It shipped quarterly, and though a little expensive, was a great box. It usually had a pair of sneakers, sometimes  two even, and a full workout outfit. I'm a little bummed they stopped doing it. Anyway, these sneakers came in one of those boxes. I don't LOVE Adidas for my running shoes, but these solid ones are handy for costumes!

That's what I wore running! Now let's keep moving along to yesterday's work outfit. It was ridiculous. Extreme Ridiculous.
It lights up and everything!

(aside: I'm not sure the brands on the tops, I forgot to look, sorry!)
Shirt: from Ebay, new with tags
Cardigan: also Ebay, lightly used
I didn't realize this photo didn't come out till today... sorry. Anyway, the long sleeve shirt underneath is pretty awesome, but it came with... SHOULDER PADS! I'm not joking. Most of you aren't old enough to even know what those are. It's better that way, trust me. Anyway, I cut them right out, and the shirt was considerably more awesome after that. It also has little candy corns embroidered on the sleeve cuffs. Super cute.
The cardigan is next level awesome. It not only has the candy corn embroidered on it, but it's embroidered on the entire sweater: front, sleeves, AND back. But that's not all! It has candy corn button covers too! Again, most of you have no idea what button covers are. They were a thing from the late 80's/early 90's. They clip on over your buttons to make your button down shirts more exciting. Admittedly, they were ridiculous, and still are. But I mean, awesome in this instance!

Jeans: Forever 21

These jeans did not come adorned with Candy corns. I just sloppily tacked these patches on to the pockets, and one on the front, to dress them up a little. I didn't want to spend a lot of time because I wanted to be able to take them off again and have the jeans still useful for real life.

Shoes: Funtasma
I love these shoes. They're ridiculously fun. BUT. Always a but. The soles fell off mid morning. I kid you not. I was walking to the fax machine, and next thing I knew, I had no soles. So I guess RIP shoes.


Scarf: D&Y (Amazon find)
Necklace: Walgreens
I thought it might be a bit much to wear both... but then I remembered that I tend to be a bit much and did it anyway. And it was fabulous.

Bag: Betsey Johnson
Oh stop. You knew there'd be a bag.

Arm Party!
I had a real shortage of candy corn themed jewelry, so got some ribbon and attached it to a channel cuff I haven't used yet. It's not the best, but it did the trick!

And then, I took the leftover belt end from my c4 belt (coming up in the riding outfit!) and made a bracelet with it. Gotta use what you have, right?! And then this cute little beaded bracelet came from Ebay. It was handmade.

That's what I wore to work yesterday, and finally what you've all been waiting for.... My riding outfit, and Eros' outfit too!

That's right! The orange breeches still fit! Yasssss!

Helmet: One K
Figured black was best for Halloween.

Sweatshirt: Look Human
Well obviously I needed the sweatshirt version. I mean look at that unicorn!

Belt: C4
I actually wore this belt to work too, but forgot to snap a photo. I love that when I get a C4 belt I also get a bracelet. Two-for!

Breeches: Ralph Lauren
You've seen these before as they are my official Halloween breeches. I wasn't so sure they'd fit me this year, but they did! Yay! Also, they're not real breeches, they're from Ralph Lauren. But so far they haven't fallen apart or ripped up the butt seam, so that's good!

Socks: Living Royal
These aren't quite as tall as I like my boot socks to be, but they did the job. And they're super cute. Similar to D&S socks in the fabric.

Boots: Regals
I know you're tired of them. I know! I did start breaking in my newest pair of Fama boots, and once those blisters heal, I'll bust them out again. Soon my friends.

And Eros' turn!
I forgot to get a side shot of him, so this is what you get.

Bonnet: MK Bonnets (Etsy)
Headband: Ebay, hand made
He was clearly thrilled with my antics... But seriously, how cute are the bonnet and headband?! HOW CUTE?!

Polos: Brand unknown and duct tape
I just slapped some candy corn printed duct tape on the velcro of these very old polo wraps I had. Pretty adorable if you ask me!

Saddle Pad: Cat's Custom Saddle Pads
This saddle pad is pretty awesome, and not as huge as it looks. I didn't realize I'd put it on super crooked until I took it off. Sorry Eros. Anyway, funny story. I had ordered a different saddle pad, that seemed more exciting, but then it wasn't shipping and emails weren't being answered. So I frantically emailed Cat and she made this up for me in one day and shipped it priority! She's awesome, and if you ever want a pad made, find her. I've never ordered from her before and she totally hooked me up. Pad is great quality too. The other pad did eventually show up, but it's more a dressage cut which either was wrong, or wasn't mentioned in the description, and just wasn't as nice as this one. I'm sure I'll use it, but meh.

Ok, that's finally it for today's special Candy Corn edition of Thursday's threads. Did you dress up at work for Halloween? Or to ride? DID YOU DRESS UP YOUR HORSE?! Tell me all about if you did! If not, any favorites from here?


  1. So amazing!!! I did not dress up myself or my horses this year #lame

  2. Actually fucking dying laughing here 😂😂😂

  3. Those shoes! I'm heartbroken they fell apart. I love candy corn!

    Also, I am sadly also old enough to remember shoulder pads and button covers LOL

    1. I may or may not have replaced them already...
      Haha! Phew, glad I'm not the only one!

  4. I like candy corn too. I really gotta say Stacie. I think you could have upped the game and done yellow breeches, orange shirt, and white helmet cover... Lol but maybe it wouldn't have come across right!

    1. No helmet covers! Haha! I do have yellow breeches... but they're neon, not sure it would have worked.

  5. Damn, matchy match taken to a whole new level!

  6. I feel like that was a missed opportunity to wear those orange breeches to work with your amazing candy corn shoes!

    1. You know, that really would have saved me a lot of time. Maybe next year!

  7. You are so extra, and I love it!!

  8. Yesssss!!!!!! You are my hero when it comes to themed outfits. And, thank you for the candy corn extreme day! Love it all! :-)

    1. Why thank you! It was fun! (And a bit ridiculous...)