Wednesday, December 2, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone! I'm writing tonight from not so sunny Florida! I was hoping to get this blog post done on the plane, but I'm too cheap to pay for the faster internet in flight. So here we are.
It's been a fun and busy week with the holiday on Thursday. I spent Thursday morning with the ponies. They each had a turnout, Rio had a lunge, and I rode Jampy. Then it was off to my brother's house for the rest of the day for Thanksgiving! There were 15 of us, and more than enough delicious food to go around. It's nice to spend a day with family just eating and catching up. I was home by 6:30 to feed the boys and relax with the Puggers. A great day all around!
Friday was pretty much a free day for me. I got up around 7 to feed the horses and do barn chores. It was unseasonably warm out, in the mid 60's! I was able to give Jamp a bath after we rode and Rio loved hanging outside eating grass.

After a full day playing with ponies, I took the pugs out for a walk on that beautiful day. They were so excited to get a good mile walk done!

And then they were pooped and cuddled with me the rest of the evening.

We went to bed early Friday because Saturday was going to be a VERY big day! My new horse Romey was due to arrive between 5:30 and 7:30 am. I got a call at 4:55 that he would be at my house right about 5:30. It was early, but I was so excited I jumped out of bed to go meet him. (The Pugs opted to stay asleep.) Romey was pretty calm about getting to his new home. I think he was exhausted from traveling all night. I got him settled, hung out for a half hour or so to make sure he was ok, and then went back to sleep for an hour. I'm just not good at mornings.

I couldn't wait to head back out to the barn after my nap and let Romey out in the ring. He was very calm during his turnout. He took one walking lap around the whole ring checking everything out, rolled, and then hung out and ate hay. And that was it. Poor sleepy boy!

After turnout, I gave him a good grooming and then let him be for the rest of the day. I rode Jampy quick and gave Rio a little lunge and then hurried off to FINALLY get my hair done! It's been FOREVER. My age was showing all over my head....

Yay for new hair!
I ran home after the hair appointment, fed all the four leggeds, and then met some friends for a quick dinner. The best thing about pregnant friends? They are more than happy to call it a night at 8:30. (I'm so old.)
Sunday morning I tortured the ponies with turnout pictures:

I rode Jampy and was hoping my neighbor would be home early so I could maybe sit on Romey, but she didn't make it back before dark. Bummer! But probably for the best, Romey deserved a few days to get settled. Instead of riding, I tacked him up and did a little ground work with him in the ring. He was very receptive and still pretty quiet. Hopefully he stays that way!

After the very warm weekend, Monday was chilly! But I still got a ride in with Jampy after work. I have no intention of getting on Romey for the first time in the dark, so he and Rio settled for some grooming. Tuesday rained all day and all night, so let's just say, my horses are really clean.
Which leaves us here, Wednesday. I flew to Florida this evening for a nice long weekend. It's going to be pretty rainy, but I'm hoping to go ride my trainer's horses and hopefully show this weekend! We shall see!
How was your week? Did you have a nice Thanksgiving?


  1. Romey is very cute!! Glad to hear he's settling in. Have fun in FL!

    1. Thank you! As excited as I was to come down here, I'm a little bummed I had to leave right after his arrival.