Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Truthful Tuesday

So I've assigned myself a person a night for gift wrapping this week. Chanukah is officially over, but we haven't yet celebrated as a family, so I have lots of wrapping to do! Which leads to my confession... Tonight, as I was wrapping my niece's presents it was quite apparent that I had overdone it. I actually decided to hold two gifts aside and save them for her birthday. It's probably a good thing I don't have human kids of my own. They would be spoiled!
Confession number two goes along with my overdoing it with gifts for my niece. One of the most awesome things I found for my niece is a Radio Flyer tricycle. It's the exact same one my brother (her dad) and I had when we were little! Except this one is new and not a sad mangled mess like mine became after getting run over by a car. Poor trike! So why is this a problem you ask? Because a week after I ordered it, my sister-in-law said she was thinking that's what they were going to get my niece for her big gift! My eyes got all big, and I said I didn't think she should do that... She was all no? And I was like, well.... she may wind up with two... So not only did I buy too many things for her, but I STOLE her parents gift idea! Bad Aunty!

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