Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thursday's Threads

Happy Outfit Day everyone! I'm not entirely sure my pants today are work appropriate... but I have been dying to wear them. So I did.
This photo is terrible. The lighting was awful in my room this morning. Dreary day!

Pants: Suede
These are a hunter green coated denim. I LOVE them. I was worried they might be small as they looked teeny tiny, but they are very stretchy and don't make me look too much like I'm wearing a sausage casing.

Top: Freshman
Scarf: Lava Accessories
This scarf and these pants were meant to be worn together! I went with a thin knit top because it's supposed to be in the upper 50's/low 60's today. (This weather is crazy for December, but I'll definitely take it!) I did want a little longer, more tunic type top to wear, but none of what I had was the right color. I may need to go shopping! (No. No I do not need to do that.)

Boots: Nine West
These look kind of purple in this photo, but I assure you, they are chocolate brown. I had all but forgotten about them until this morning when I was scrambling to find some shoes to wear. I think they're perfect with this outfit!

Arm Party!
 I might have accidentally ordered myself some presents from Ettika whilst shopping online for holiday gifts. It might have even happened twice. What? I can't resist 90% off! My reason for telling you that, is the first bracelet there might have come from the first accidental order. I love the mixed media on this, especially since it's hunter green and gold! And as alwasy, you'll recognize my favorite watch.

First up here on righty is a stretch bracelet I made earlier this year. The middle one is a chevron bracelet also from Ettika. This one came from Little Black Bag though. Remember them?! Still miss them. So. Much. Why has no one reinvented that platform? And lastly is another of my indiscretions from my accidental Ettika shopping. I love the giant green stones on this one! The beads are both silver and gold so this will match so many things! Totally a good decision... Right?

So that's what I'm wearing today! What do you have on? How's the weather where you live?


  1. looks nice!! Love the boots!

    Have a great weekend!
    Animated Confessions

  2. Hunter is one my favorite colors (and Apollo's favorite color) so I'm drooling over here. :D

    1. Me too!!! My farm colors are hunter and tan, and therefore I must buy all the hunter all the time.