Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you're all recovering from all of the Christmas festivities over the last few weeks. Next up is New Years! And then we should all settle in and hibernate until the end of March. If only...
It's been a crazy busy week for this amateur! The horses and I have thoroughly been enjoying the unseasonable weather. It was close to 70 degrees on Christmas! We've been riding regularly, and I even was able to give everyone a shower, and take them out for grass. CRAZY!

Santa filled the pony stockings on Christmas Eve so he would have time to visit all of the human kids on Christmas.

I had ordered my niece a Radio Flyer Tricycle for Chanukah, but it didn't show up on the 24th. So I had to quickly get that put together and dropped it off for her to open on Christmas morning:

On Christmas day, I got up and fed the horses, and then came back inside to open presents from Santa with the pugs. Santa had snuck into my house while I was at work on Christmas eve and filled my stocking! What a guy! So the pugs weren't the only ones with gifts to open.

I went with my little brother, dad, and step mom to visit my step grandma. She's well into her 90's and still living in her own house, though she now has full time help. No shame in that at 90+ years old! My stepmom's dog Juno came too. She and grandma like to make out.
After having dinner together, I headed home to feed all the fur kids. Later on, we reassembled along with my brother and his family to exchange gifts.

Even though most of us are Jewish, we do gift exchange with my dad and his family on Christmas. It was a great time, and I even received an amazing gift that I had no idea existed: An Hermes Apple watch! I have no idea what it does, but I know it's fancy!
I spent the rest of the weekend trying to straighten up my house, get the laundry caught up, pack for Florida, and ride the horses. It was surprisingly difficult to get that all done in two days! Someone needs to be a better house keeper. Just saying.
Monday evening I landed in a balmy Palm Beach. I don't really want to leave! Here's where the bummer I mentioned yesterday comes into play. I sent my trainer a text to see when I should come ride and the plan for the horse show this weekend. But when she wrote back, I found out the horse I was going to show had been leased out for the week. Total bummer! So alas, once again, no showing for me. BUT I do get to ride my favorite little stallion Charlie at the barn, so that's something! I got to jump him a little today too. Yay!
After riding, we took a little boat ride since the weather is absolutely amazing today.
The puggers are staying with their Grandma while I'm away, and I know they'll come home about 5 lbs heavier. But hey, probably so will I, so who am I to judge? All of my late nights wrapping presents last week really knocked them out. All of my photos of them from this week are of them sleeping...

I always miss them tons when I'm away. But they're in good hands!
I've had a lot of free time between they flight down here and having nothing on the agenda yesterday. So I've been playing with photo apps a whole bunch. Here are my latest creations:

These photo apps are so much fun! I may need someone to take my phone away.
So that's what's up this Wednesday! What's up with you? Tell me all about your holiday adventures in the comments!


  1. That watch would be lovely even if it wasn't the latest and greatest tech item! (I don't know what Apple watches do either; I have never been an Apple person!)