Thursday, December 17, 2015

Thursday's Threads

Outfit day!!! It's a dreary, drizzly, rainy day here in Connecticut, but hey, at least it's rain and not snow! And you know my theory on days without sunshine right? Exactly. You have to bring your own! So obviously, today I'm wearing neon. But just a little.

It's tough to see in this photo because I went somewhat subtle with my neon this time. But fear not, there's plenty of crazy neon in the closet for when the snow starts to fly.

Sweater: Love Stitch
I love the little pops of neon in this sweater. It's classy, yet crazy. Much like myself. I picked this one up from Moxie.Style when they had their Super Sunday sale after Thanksgiving.

Jeans: Vigold
These are OLD, but so comfy. Definitely a favorite. I'm super behind with my laundry situation so some of the oldies are getting pulled back out. I should certainly wear these more.

Belt Buckle: Mane Jane
Belt: No brand
You're going to see more of this Mane Jane buckle below when I get to my riding outfit. Mane Jane is a small business specializing in fun spur straps for the horsey set, and they have recently added these buckles and a line of belts to their inventory. I'm hoping they'll make a teeny tiny bracelet version of this... I'll have to suggest that! For today's outfit, I thought this blue belt would go nicely, but I'm currently obsessed with this stirrup buckle, so I swapped the usual "H" for this one. Loving the look!

Shoes: Gotta Flurt
Since it's rainy, I decided to just wear some comfy sneakers today. I love the pops of neon on these, and thought they complimented the sweater fairly well. Not perfectly, but good enough!

The arm candy game is somewhat out of control today... But so much fun!
I mentioned last week about Ettika's crazy 90% off sale... This amazing piece of neon fantasticness was another purchase from that sale. I couldn't help myself. I may have ordered three times. Maybe... I also won a $10 gift card, so I may just have to order again... I have no self control. But this bracelet is so full of awesome. I imagine this won't be the last you see of it. It dwarfs my trusty timepiece though!

Righty went all out today with the neon. ALL OUT! First up is a rubber bracelet with an emoji on it. It came with a similarly colored rubber wristlet that I should have used today! I was way too late this morning to swap out my purse though. Which is really sad, because I have some fantastic neon accessories that would have been great today. Next time! The next two bracelets as well as the very last one are all from Baublebar. The round one there, number 4, is from Michael Kors, and next to it is a string bracelet from Pura Vida.
That's my work outfit today! A little crazy, but not completely. Perfect for a rainy day. Next up? Riding outfit!
Pony shirt and plaid. Perfect.

Top: Forever 21
Can you believe they had this amazing pony sweatshirt at Forever 21? I can't either. But I'm really glad they did.

Breeches: Custom Riding Apparel
You'll remember these from my trip to the Equine Affair. I love them so much. They're really stretchy and so comfortable! They even have a euro seat. So trendy. And how about that plaid?!

Belt: Mane Jane
This is the Mane Jane buckle on the actual Mane Jane belt. The belt is white with both gold and silver over tones. It's amazing. Soft like butter, and so gorgeous. AND it's REVERSIBLE! The other side which I didn't think to snap a photo of is a plum color with a similar texture as this side. They have a bunch of fun color combos, you should definitely check out their site!

Well that's what I'm wearing today. What do you have on? Any favorites from today? Let's chat in the comments!


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    1. Thank you! I'm loving it so much. AND best part, it fits on all my "H" belt straps!

  2. I love the mane jane buckle as well! And the crazy/classy sweater :p

    1. Thank you! That buckle is fitting on all of my belts, so exciting!

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