Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thursday's Threads

Happy Outfit day! Since I'm on vacation, I got to ride in the morning and then put on regular clothes. So I have TWO outfits for you today. Unfortunately, I am without a full length mirror, so the photos aren't so great. Sorry about that.
First up, my riding outfit:
It's so nice to ride in short sleeves! I love Florida in the winter. Even if there's zero chance I'll see the sun on this trip, it's still warmer than home!

Polo Shirt: Ralph Lauren
I found this top on the clearance rack a few months ago, but haven't had a chance to wear it. I love the one pink stripe among the navy and white.

Breeches: Custom Riding Apparel
You may remember these from my trip to Equine Affair. These are the least ridiculous of the three pairs I bought. I like the navy with just an accent of plaid. Fun, yet understated.

Belt: No Brand
I think you've seen this one before. It's just a bright pink leather belt with my H buckle. While I was packing, I realized this belt and the pink stripe on the shirt were practically identical. I was excited! (I may need to get out more.)

And now for my "regular" outfit today:
I'm pretty certain this entire outfit cost me $16.00... $41 if you include the shoes. Purse was not so inexpensive.

Top: Rue21
This tee is so comfy! It's soft as can be, and has 3/4 sleeves. I just found it recently on sale, but haven't worn it since it's too cold at home right now. But I figured it would be perfect for my trip, so here it is! I like that just the little pocket is plaid. Cute detail.

Jeans: Rue21
I'm generally not a fan of ripped jeans as I've mentioned in the past. However, all of these rips have PATCHES so that makes them totally ok. And even more ok? That the patches are the same plaid as the pocket on my shirt. Matching game on point!

Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Yeah I went there. Of course my shoes match too! These are a steal at $24.99. Definitely grab a pair if you're wanting some plaid slip-ons!

Purse: Vintage Gucci
It's an oldie but goody for sure. I love that Gucci uses equestrian motifs. Makes me want ALL the Gucci. All of it. Small chance I ordered some matching pumps for this bag. Hey classic never goes out of style. Never.
Arm Party!
Lefty is wearing a Chan Luu wrap bracelet along side my trusty timepiece today. Both classics!
Righty is wearing my favorite leather bangle with the snap closure from my sister-in-law, a Gucci inspired bangle, and an H bracelet. Tres chic!

So that's what I'm wearing today! What about you? Is it cold your way?

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