Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

I think it rained from last Wednesday through Saturday... Yes... yes it did. Which makes for a soggy week my friends. But with medal finals looming (frighteningly) near, I couldn't let a little rain slow down our work! I rode in the rain Wednesday night and managed to miss it on Thursday... but I finally threw in the towel on Friday. It was pouring buckets, the wind was blowing like a hurricane (I might be exaggerating, but only slightly), and it was all of about 50 degrees out. Add to that the sun setting at 6:15 which is pretty much the beginning of our rides, and I decided it would be a good evening to run errands and do some chores in the house.
Saturday I was out the door and at my trainer's for 9 am to ride Cara. It was overcast, 47 degrees, and crazy windy. But at least it was light out and not raining! I actually had a nice ride on her since she's pretty much a saint. Later on, I gave Jampy a nice ride on the flat. I had wanted to jump, but the ring was pretty wet and the wind isn't the best thing for Jamp's little brain. He also got shoes that morning, and I think it's nice for them to flat in new shoes the first day.

He then had a little spa session since we were heading to a horse show in the morning. I was hoping it would be our last show other than finals for the year, but they combined the division with the juniors, meaning it counted for one association's points, but not for the other one that I needed another show for. Ugh. So we have to find one more.
Sunday was finally a decent day! Thank goodness! I was up at 4:45 to feed the horses and then get Jamp ready to leave for 6:15. All went smoothly, and my helper arrived right on time! (Of course, she's the best helper ever. I wish I could have her full time.) The show was held indoors which I was happy about. It's a great school for finals since that is inside also. I don't have an indoor, nor does my trainer, so any extra time in one is great for us!

It really wasn't our best show. Poor Jamp was still feeling pretty sore from getting vaccinated on Thursday. It was really apparent in the flat classes as he really wasn't able to get nice and round. I didn't force it since he was trying his best. We finished in 3rd for the adult equitation flat out of 6. Not bad with your horse not on the bit! Our first fence class was.... a little fast. I had a lovely canter, but not for riding in a small indoor. It would have been great out on a big field though! We ended up 4th out of 7 in that one. My next go around was actually quite nice. I let Jamp have a little looser rein and he just flowed around the course very nicely. We finished only in 3rd out of six which was a little disappointing, but hey, you can't win them all! The last adult equitation class was ok. I kept finding a deeper distance than I like, but Jampy jumps great from there so it wasn't too bad. We were second in that one.  We also did the Ct Medal so we could finish qualifying for next year. It was  a nice round. Nothing special about it, but nothing terrible either. The medal has a flat phase also, and once again Jamp was just a little above the bit and behind my leg. Poor tired boy! We finished in second which was more than enough points to finish qualifying though! Woohoo!
My favorite thing about showing first, is getting home early enough to still get other things done. We were home and unloaded by noon! So I gave Ducky a good grooming and then spoiled Rio.

After that, I still had lots of daylight left! So the puggers and I took a 1 mile walk.

And we saw this girl on the way back!
It's blurry and dark... but it's a deer! We startled her as she was crossing the road. But she continued on once she knew we didn't want to bother her.

I was feeling super lazy on Saturday night, so I broke out the coloring book I bought at the grocery store the other night. (I'm pretty much the reason they put random things at the checkout...) Look how pretty:

And in other news, guess what I did Tuesday night! Go ahead, guess... I'll wait.

I went for a RUN! On the treadmill. It was short and slow, but it was a RUN. And it felt great! I set the speed at 5.5 which is around an 11:00 minute mile, maybe a little slower even? I just ran like that for 1.5 miles. Then I turned it up a little tiny bit at a time and finished with it on 6 which is a 10 minute mile. I know it's slow. And I only ran 2 miles. But it was a great start. You have to start somewhere! And I feel confident I will survive the upcoming 5k's even if I have to run them nice and easy.

How was your week? Have you been running? Horse showing? Tell me what's up with you this Wednesday!


  1. that's faster than I run! I do well to eke out a 13 minute mile. :P

    1. Hey, that's still faster than not going at all! I try regularly to not care about speed. I don't hate running that much when I take my time. But then I get a little competitive and want to be faster... and then I hate it again. it's a vicious cycle!

  2. Way to go - with both the showing and running!

  3. Yay satin! Congrats on getting your qualifying done super early!!

    1. Thank you! Yes! I love getting it done early! Now I just need to work toward New England...