Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thursday's Threads

Outfit day!!! And a half day of work for this girl! Better for me than the horses, they're getting fall shots today. Sorry boys... It's a dreary cool day here in New England. Apparently autumn has arrived. So here's what I'm wearing:
I know that photo is horribly dark. I was ridiculously late for work this morning and no matter where I put the mirror, it still looked like this. And finally I had to settle! But you'll see better when we look closer.... Let's do that!

Top: Sun & Moon
I think this top is pretty nifty (yes, I said NIFTY)! It's a lycra material, so very soft and stretchy. What I love best is this built-in infinity scarf look. It actually is all one piece that crisscrosses to give the illusion of wearing a scarf. I also like that the cuffs match the scarf part.

Jeans: Seven Jeans
These are oldies. I'm certain they've been on the blog before. I just cleaned out my jeans closet and re-discovered these in the process.

Boots: Steven by Steve Madden
These have been on here before too. Now that Autumn has arrived, the boots are all back! Woohoo! The Steven line is my favorite from Steve Madden. The materials are higher quality than the other lines, and I have yet to find a pair that wasn't super comfortable. I love the giant zippers on these!

Arm Party!
Are you tired of this look yet? I'm not. My Keep Collective bracelet was the perfect match to today's outfit! The band is black like my top and the lapis stones match my jeans... So matchy matchy!

First up is my delicate H bracelet with the black enamel. Next is a new addition to my collection that I picked up in the recent Kate Spade clearance sale: A Pretzel! I love ridiculous things like that. And lastly is my Rebecca Minkoff bangle that my sister-in-law gave to me. I'm loving this stack!

So that's my work outfit today. But I also have a riding outfit to share! This is what I rode in last night:
I'm full-on embracing this plaid trend. It's a total throwback to my freshman year of high school, but I'm loving it all the same. Maybe I'll listen to some Nirvana to really get back there...

Top: Target
It's a little tough to see in the photo, but the buttons only go part way down the shirt. I really like that, it puts a little twist on your basic plaid button down shirt. (Aside: Have you all seen the new trend in calling those shirts button ups? What is that? Do you button from the bottom up? Because I always button down. Hence the term button down. When did this change?!) My only complaint with this shirt is that the back is kind of small. It fits great if I'm not moving much, but it doesn't allow for much arm movement. Snapping this photo was a challenge! I think had I sized up though, it would have been too big.

Breeches: Grand Prix
I think these have been on here before. I love the dark gray color, but my favorite thing is the lavender stitching. Just a little something different.

Belt: No brand
I'm loving the blue on the belt. It's so different from any other I've seen! It's not really navy, it's kind of bright, but not too bright... It's just right! Ha. Poet and I didn't know it... Ok, sorry. I'll stop.

This was Jampy's outfit last night:

He just got this baby pad for being such a good boy lately. Ok, that's a lie. He just got this baby pad because I'm a shopaholic and there was a coupon code. It's from Sporthorselifestyle and I LOVE their logo! I think they should make a bracelet with it... Maybe I'll email and make that suggestion.

Ok, that's all the outfits I have for today. Do you have a favorite item from today? What's your opinion on this whole button up controversy? And most importantly, what are you wearing today?


  1. I love plaid! I haven't ever found a plaid shirt that's the right shape for me though, I'm too long!

    1. Keep trying! They're everywhere this season, and lots of fun shapes like cardigans and tunics!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I think it's officially on my list of favorites.

  3. great accessories!! :D

    Have a great weekend!
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