Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thursday's Threads!

Happy Outfit Day! Sorry I'm so late, but better late than never! I just have one outfit today, but it's super fun! Here's what I'm wearing:

Why yes, those ARE shiny pink pants! Shiny pink anything makes me super happy. But you already know that. So let's look closer and see ALL of the shiny pinkness.
Top: Max Studio
I accidentally shrunk this a bit after it's first wearing. I didn't mean to let it get to the dryer... oops. But it's still wearable and since it has a hi-low hemline, I don't think it looks super apparent that I semi-ruined it.

Pants: VO Jeans
These look kind of silver on my computer... but hopefully on yours the true pinkness comes out! They are amazing. I'm mildly obsessed with coated denim since last winter, and when I saw these, I was all "GET IN MY CLOSET!" They're from Amazon if anyone is looking for a pair.

Belt: Louis Vuitton
I'm a fan ridiculously overpriced belts. Especially when they are versatile and go with pretty much everything.

Boots: Steve Madden
These boots are totally bad ass. I got them a couple of years ago from Little Black Bag and I've loved them from the second I got them home. Leather, studs, a good fit... nothing negative here!

Purse: No Brand
My newest obsession. After I found shiny pink pants, I was determined to find a matching shiny pink leather purse. I found this bad girl on Ebay from a California seller. I'm not positive, but I think they make the bags themselves. This can also be converted to a back pack by switching the straps around. (And yes, obviously I bought the matching wallet. Feel free to judge.)

Arm Party!
First up are a couple of "H" bracelets. The pink glitter one is my newest addition. Thanks Ebay! Then of course is my trusty timepiece.

Righty kept it semi-simple with just one large statement bracelet. You've seen this one before. It's faux leather (shiny pink!!!) with a big metal plate on top.

So that's what I'm wearing today! Any favorites from today? What do you have on?


  1. Ooooh the pink glitter bracelet is so lovely. Would match Mystic's new bridle nicely :)