Thursday, October 31, 2019

Thursday's Threads: Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween!!!! I think any holiday that allows one to knock on someone's door and threaten them into giving you candy is a pretty great day to be celebrated. Sadly, I didn't have anywhere to really dress up for this year, so no actual costumes to share. I did dress up all in silver last night though which felt festive. Let's call me a robot, shall we?
 I put the CHROME in monochromatic. What PUN! Hahahaha... sorry. I've had a lot of sugar today. Also, I'm probably about to buy more boots, so I'm downright giddy. Anyway... Let's move on.

Helmet: One K Glamour
It's SHINY! Like my pony!

Shirt: Aeropostale
I bought this awhile ago and have nearly donated it a bunch of times thinking I'd never wear it. But now that I own silver boots, I'm glad I kept it!

Vest: Fila
I wound up not wearing this because it was almost 70 degrees out despite the rain. Mother Nature has been drinking again... But I'll take the warm weather!

Belt: Handy Hunter Boutique
Ok, well it's gray and not silver, but close enough. These are on closeout as Handy Hunter is closing up shop if you want one! Comes in purple too... I know there's a lot of purple lovers out there!

Breeches: RJ Classic
When I was a little kid my second pair of breeches ever was exactly this color with the same color patches even. Except they were ribbed and hideous. These are much more attractive.

Boots: Imperial Equine
Spurs: Centaur
Spur straps: Imperial Equine
Second time wearing these, and I'd say they're about 90% broken in. They're not overly high quality, but what they lack there they make up for in shininess. I still think these are amazing. In so many ways. Also super pumped I found spur straps that match.

Shiny dressed to match me kind of...
She wore her bridle with the spiked browband from Dark Jewel Designs:
She kept her saddle set up pretty boring. Her options are limited since she needs the sheepskin lined pads.
And though she does have silver boots, they are out in the shed right now, so we went with her holo boots instead.
Which kind of look like they don't fit her from this angle. But they actually do, just a bad photo. Also, please excuse the messy floor. Farrier came yesterday and I hadn't cleaned up fully yet.

So that was our robot outfit last night! And I have a Halloween themed outfit for work today too.

I've had "Spiderwebs" by No Doubt in my head all day...
I had actually planned to wear these jeans:
But turns out they don't fit me. Someone's giant thighs wouldn't fit inside. Boo. That was a mean trick! Anyway... back to my actual outfit.

Sweater: Jawbreaker
Sorry about the dog hair... But that's just a little bit of truth about my life.

Belt: C4
There are spiders on this belt... I just took the photo from the wrong angle I guess. Hey, never claimed to be a competent photographer...

Jeans: Blue Revival
These lace up like that all the way to the butt, which seemed kind of halloweeny to me. They are backed by fabric so there's not skin showing. Definitely couldn't pull off that look! (See above issue about the other pants not fitting...)

Shoes: Zipz
 So many spiders... Spiders everywhere!

Accessories!!! (This is the fun part)
Bag: unbranded
Why yes, it DOES light up! Thanks for noticing. I snagged this on Ebay last year, and I think it's pretty amazing.

Hair accessory:
You guys... I think I walked into a spider's web.... Do you see anything in my hair?

Arm Party! All of the jewelry came from Ebay I think, so I have no ideas on brands... Just enjoy the photos I guess!

And that's it for today! Did you dress up for Halloween in a costume or themed outfit? What did you wear? Or better still... tell me about your favorite costume you've worn (past or now)! Bonus points if you dressed up your horse.


  1. I always enjoy these threads posts. You rock these outfits

  2. Nice - love all the choices...well...ok, let's be honest. I have a bit of spider phobia, so you are wearing a few too many spiders for me! hahaha

    I actually have a hallowe'en themed outfit for Fred to show everyone, in honour of your Thursday threads, but we had a major storm last night, so I haven't done pics yet. I will do it this weekend!

  3. I too really enjoy Thursday's Threads and all your coordinating outfits.

    We're heading to Plantation tomorrow where hubby is riding and he plans to dress up as Alice Cooper! He's won 3 contests in that get up and it will be hilarious to see him riding his dressage test in it!

    1. Thank you! I love doing them, so I'm glad others like reading them!
      Oh please post photos!!!

  4. This is the culmination of all your shopping and coordinating. Wow. Every week I am impressed.

    1. I really need to work on my shopping problem though... Lol!