Thursday, January 10, 2019

Thursday's Threads: Ariat edition

Outfit Day! As you might have assumed, I do not have a riding outfit today, but I did wear an equestrian themed outfit to try and make up for that. So here's what I wore today:

So much Ariat. Ariat all over!

Sweater: Ariat
Shirt: Ariat

I had the bright idea to try layering this sun shirt under a sweater, and frankly, I'm not sure why I haven't done this sooner. It's super comfy and they look adorable together! Also, this sweater that looks boring is actually super cute with the yellow stitched elbow patches. It doesn't come with the dog hair though, my short kids added that for me.

Belt: Rebecca Ray

I thought a bit belt would work great with this theme, and was super excited when I remembered that the one I have is navy like the sweater.

Jeans: True Religion
These were a little bit of a fail. I pulled out like three options for jeans, and they were all ankle length. I didn't any more time to hunt down some appropriately long jeans, so I just stuck with these. They look a little silly, but whatever. I sit at a desk all day.

Shoes: Ariat Cruisers
They matched my shirt so I had to have them. Cruisers are really comfy, if you don't have a pair, definitely add them to your next birthday list.

Purse: Rebecca Ray
I snagged this purse during the holiday sales, and I have to tell you guys, I LOVE it. It was not cheap, and I was sure that I would be disappointed, but I'm totally not. It's canvas, but very sturdy, and the halter details are really thick and high quality. Huge fan.

Arm Party!
In keeping with the bit theme, I loaded up lefty with my most favorite bracelet I've ever gotten (the green bit one) and the tan bit bracelet that I made.

Righty is donning some new additions. Whilst in Florida, I had a particularly good thrifting day on the interwebs one morning. I found this ADORABLE full cheek bracelet on Poshmark for half what the retail is. And it's basically brand new. Then, on Ebay, I discovered an Hermes bracelet like the one you guys all see all the time, but in gold tone. Had to have it. And they look perfect together! (Also, no more shopping for awhile.)

That's what I'm wearing today! Sorry for the lack of riding attire, but hopefully the fun bit theme is a suitable substitute. Any favorites from today? Do you have a pair of Ariat Cruisers?


  1. I do enjoy me some good elbow patches - fake or otherwise lol

    1. haha! Same! These are actually real, it's just the same fabric as the sweater so they look fake.

  2. I have a pair of brown cruisers and love them!!! They are one of my go to shoes for work :) Cute and comfy? can't go wrong with them!

    1. I love that they are horse shoes, but also work appropriate! AND they're super comfy. Total win-win!