Wednesday, January 2, 2019

What's Up Wednesday

Wednesday already? Boo. It's my last day of vacation. Back to the frozen tundra tomorrow. Fortunately, it's not supposed to be too cold. UNfortunately, it will be raining. But hey, better than snow! But this post isn't about the future, it's about the past week. So let's look back!
As you already know, we arrived in FL on Wednesday evening last week. Thursday was quiet. My brother, sister-in-law, and my two nieces, plus my dad and step mom were all here this time, so we did family things. Which mostly included sitting around. I already covered that on Thursday's threads last week.
Friday I ditched the family for the morning and went down to Wellington. I stopped first at trainers barn and watched her ride for a bit. Then I headed over to the horse show to catch up with Devon from The Food (and horse) Bitch Blog. I didn't have time to watch her ride that day, but we got to catch up for a few minutes so that was fun!
After the horse show, I headed back north to meet my dad and stepmom. We had an appointment to check out a barn closer to the house for her to take some lessons at, and maybe next year bring Eros to for the winter. It was a really cute place. They had a nice sized ring and lots of huge grass paddocks. The horses were all pretty fat and happy, though many of them seemed pretty old. Old is good though, in my opinion. If you can keep an old horse fat and happy, you're doing something right!
My stepmom's brother and his family came to visit on Friday for the weekend, so we all had dinner together at the house. It was a lot of fun, and thankfully, a fairly early night.
Saturday, I headed back down to Wellington. I watched trainer ride for a bit and then headed back over to the show to watch Devon and Petunia kill it in the low adults!

They were awesome, and it was fun to have someone to cheer on! We hung out for a bit, and then I had to get back to the family. I got back just in time for a ride on the boat. Daisy, our canine visitor sat with me...
It was a nice quiet night after boating. We had dinner in again, and then all watched some tv together. Sunday was a lazy day at home. Trainer doesn't ride on Sundays, and our company headed back home to Orlando. In the morning, I went for a short run
 and then spent the day drinking too much coffee and finally getting my Safesport training done.
See? I did SOMETHING productive on vacation! Good for me! Ha!
Monday I headed down to Wellie to watch trainer ride. She said I could ride the next day, so I was looking forward to that. After the barn, I did my obligatory Marshalls and TJ Maxx run in hopes of finding some great deals. The stores down here get some really fancy stuff, and it's usually on final clearance this time of year. No luck this time though. Bummer.
My brother and his family flew home that day, so it was just my dad, stepmom, and me for New Years Eve. We had dinner at a local deli/diner type place, and headed home with some desserts in hand to hang out and watch the ball drop. I took a nap on the couch, but woke up just in time to see the ball drop. I'm clearly, a wild partier.
I was up early to head down to the barn to finally get some saddle time. Unfortunately, the mare I was going to ride bumped her leg, so it wound up just a tack walk. Good enough for me though! I'll take whatever I can get! After horse time, my dad and step mom picked me up and we headed down to the fancy outlet mall. Dad splurged on all of us which was super nice of him. I got a fantastic fuzzy pink handbag that I'm stupid excited about. I'm sure you'll see it soon on Thursday's Threads.
I stayed north today rather than heading to trainers in the morning. I slept in a bit, and then went to watch my step mom take a lesson at the new barn. She rode a very tall, sweet, old warmblood named Imax and did a great job with him.

I had to pick up a few thank you gifts, so I did that post lesson. And that was pretty much the day. I'm heading home tomorrow on an 11 am flight, so nothing too exciting happening here in the morning. Back to the real world after that!
How was your week and New Years? Do anything fun and exciting? 


  1. Yeah the year has barely started and I am with you - how is it wednesday already? Sounds like a fun vacation! I'd love to people watch at WEF

    1. It was a great week! I'm sad to leave, but do miss all the four leggeds at home.
      People watching is spectacular at WEF. This week, most are pretty normal, but once circuit starts, all the crazies come out.

  2. I literally went to bed at 10:30 NYE 🤣🤣 #toooldforthis

    I'm jealous of your Florida time though, it's freezing here!

    1. The freezing has arrived in CT too! 22 this morning! Ugh!