Thursday, January 24, 2019

Thursday's Threads

It's another non riding outfit Thursday's Threads, I'm sorry to say. But the worst part is, I actually DID get to ride last night and I just completely forgot to photograph my outfit. Sorry. If it softens the blow, I didn't wear anything cute... just a giant Skidmore sweatshirt, Hadley breeches, the Regals, and the black OneK. See? You didn't miss much. Ok, on to today's outfit...

It's actually super warm (comparatively) today. My truck said it was 50 degrees when I drove to work this morning. But we're having torrential downpours. Gotta take the bad with the good I guess. Hopefully it doesn't all freeze back up. Time will tell! Anyway, due to said weather, I decided I needed something cozy to wear.

Sweater: Yishang
What's more cozy that a crochet blanket?! Nothing. So clearly, that's what I had to wear today. I'm pretty sure I've worn this before for Thursday's Threads. It's a favorite and I wear it a lot.

Belt: Mane Jane
There are so many accessory options you can pair with this sweater since pretty much every color is in it. I decided to pull the purple out by adding this strap from Mane Jane. Along with the rose gold buckle to match the pink.

Jeans: Seven
Just a basic blue jean. Sturdy for a rainy day.

Shoes: Tretorn
I figured since the blanket sweater was such a throwback, I should wear some throwback shoes too. These paint splattered Tretorns seemed appropriate. Did any of you wear this brand when you were little? All the cool kids had them when I was in fifth grade. I was so excited when they showed back up in stores last year!

Arm Party!
I was going to go all purple with my accessories, but then I realized all these colors in the sweater was the perfect opportunity to wear some of my unicorn colored bracelets! It's a little tough to see in the photo, but this bracelet is the same finish as the unicorn bits a bunch of us have.

Righty is donning a unicorn wrap bracelet with a cute horsey clasp that I made, along with a vintage leather bangle with a bamboo clasp.

And that's it for today. If I get to ride at all this coming week, I'll take pictures. Promise!


  1. omg i loved tretorns i had one pair and they lasted forever till they finally just wore out (Mom didnt think I needed 4-6 pairs like I thought!) HA HA HA thanks for the memory flashback.

    glad it is warmer sorry it is raining. It is SUNNY here today but 30 out with windchill of under 20s. SMH

    1. I'm happy to take the rain if it means 50 degrees! Just wish it would STAY fifty...
      Tretorns were the best! Time will tell if these new versions hold up as well.

  2. That wrap bracelet is really cute