Wednesday, January 16, 2019

What's Up Wednesday

Um. What's Up Wednesday? Not much really, honestly. I've just been hand walking Eros while I wait for the vet to come out. He's scheduled for some time on Friday. Hopefully by the time he gets there, Eros will be sound again and we can just go back to work! Fingers crossed anyway. My stepmom is home from Florida for a couple weeks, and I think she's pretty bummed she can't ride him.
I mentioned yesterday that the boys all got their hair did. That was pretty much the most exciting thing to happen in the last week. Haha! Sometimes quiet is nice though, right?
Sunday I met up with some friends to finally do our holiday gift exchange. You guys, they came up with the most creative gift! And I forgot to take a photo... Sorry. Bad blogger. But anyway, they got me Coke bottles (glass ones!) with the names of my horses (and mine) on each one! I didn't even know you could do that. I do like Coke as a treat now and then, so once I drink them all, I'm going to fill them with colored sand or something and keep them on the windowsill. Or maybe use them as bud vases? I dunno. I just think it was the most creative gift!
They look like this, but each had a different name on it:

Oh! We did have one wild hour of fun at the farm this week! My friend/neighbor is fostering a couple of pugs (available for adoption if anyone is looking!) and we obviously had to get them all together for a play date. (Along with her boxer, because she fits right in.) Did you know a group of pugs is called a Grumble? I did, and now I can see why!

And that's really it for this week. I already miss riding. I'm not sure how I made it through the summer. Anyone needs something flatted within an hour of me, let me know, I'm your girl!
How was your week/weekend? Do anything super fun? Take a lesson, go to a show? Play with a whole pile of pugs?! Let's chat in the comments!
In closing... please enjoy this photo of the barn goat helping himself to too many snacks:
No, it's not preggo, it's just fat.


  1. ha can I send Remus to you to flat?? Let me know HA HA HA
    hope Eros is sound soon! And omg a grumble of pugs I LOVE IT!! so cute...

    that goat looks like Remus and Tate....just fat!!

    The coke bottles are great. I love when I find my name (spelled with one L) on them but doesnt happen too often! :)

    1. Ha, yeah finding S-T-A-C-I-E is nearly impossible too.
      Um, yes. A fat buckskin is always welcome at my farm!

  2. omg I love the 1 boxer in the pug party <3 - my grandparents bred boxers so I grew up in a house full of those jovial spirits.

    1. Awww! I love her, she's such a great dog! She fit right in with her smooshy face too!

  3. Aww, I thought it would be called a 'puggle'. :D
    Irish is always up for a spin but maybe too far. I have definitely been missing the riding.

  4. Ugh I’m sorry you’re missing out on so much saddle time! Hopefully Eros comes sound asap!

    1. Thanks! Hopefully the vet will have some answers.