Thursday, January 17, 2019

Thursday's Threads

So sorry guys, still no horse clothes this week. But the vet comes tomorrow, so let's cross our fingers that Eros has a miraculous recovery and I'm back in the irons for next week. In the meantime, here's what I wore to work today:
I went for comfy, yet classy today. It's cold out you guys! I need all the layers I can get!

Sweater: En Creme
I have absolutely no idea where this oversized sweater came from, I just found it when I switched the clothes over for winter a few weeks ago. Glad I have it though! Long enough to keep my bum warm!

Belt: Mane Jane
Had to throw SOMETHING horsey into the mix right?

Jeans: DJeans
These are probably more jegging than jean.... but they have a functional button and zipper plus back pockets... So I'll let them pretend to be jeans.

Boots: INC
Do you guys remember these? These are the boots I bought in Florida that time when I was flying home to a snow storm and had only packed boat shoes. I get so much use out of these, it was absolutely a good purchase, even if if unexpected.

Arm Party!
Lefty is donning an unbranded bangle bracelet that pays homage to the super pricey Hermes enamel bracelets. I wish I could figure out who made this because I'd love another one or two.

I hope you guys don't get tired of the Hermes saddle nail looking bracelets, because I'll be wearing them all the time I'm sure. Anyway, that's the first one, the middle is from Juicy Couture, and the last is one my sister-in-law gave me years ago from Rebecca Minkoff.

And that's it for today sadly. Hopefully you'll see some breeches and boots next week! And honestly, even if not on Eros, I need to get on a horse soon, so maybe I'll see if there's something I can take a lesson on or something. This girl needs some saddle time!


  1. Love the colour!! Looks cozy - you are lucky to be able to wear jeans to work. We can only wear jeans on Fridays. boo.

    1. Thanks! I'm generally not a reds person, but I do like a nice wine color... Probably because wine.
      We are lucky to have a casual dress code!

  2. I'm crossing my crossables for Eros

  3. That sweater looks so cozy. Fingers crossed for a good vet visit tomorrow. You're always welcome to come out here and ride! (It's kind of only an hour if you end up going to Cornell for funsies.)

    1. I mean, if I could just hop a plane, it would probably be an hour... If I ever do find myself up there though, I am totally coming to meet Opie (and you of course)!

  4. Fingers crossed for vet today! And I totally want one of those Hermes button bracelets if you ever run across another one!

    1. I'm dying! The "assistant trainer" made a mistake, an he's not coming until NEXT Friday. Literally going crazy.
      The real real has a white one right now:

      And there's one on ebay in black, search for Clou De Selle under bracelets.