Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Truthful Tuesday: Blogiversary Edition

Hey guys! Today is my Blogiversary! It's been FIVE years since I claimed this little space on the interwebs, and boy how things have changed along the way!

My confession today, is that I had no idea where blogging would take me. I didn't really think anyone would read it. I didn't do much promoting of it, because I was a little apprehensive about it. I was worried what my friends might think. Even now, I'm not sure too many of my non blogging friends pop over here or even really know about my blog. Trainer doesn't know about it either... I don't think anyway. But I'm actually pretty proud of my little spot here on the www. I've "met" some great people, and I feel like I've made friends. Though it's still weird to refer to someone I only know on the internet as a friend. Maybe that's because I'm old? Must be an age thing...

Anyway, I thought we could take a quick look around and see how far Amateur At Large has come! First some analytics (but not a lot, because I'm not that savvy).
-This here is my 809th post.
-I have right this second (which will change by the time this is posted hopefully, but whatever) 106,995 all time views. But this counts my own so it's probably like half that. Whatevs.
-Two of my top three most viewed posts are not horse related. First place goes to a review of a bead subscription box, second place is from a Golden Tote clothing reveal, and third place goes to my comparison of my TuffRider Regal Boots and my Parlanti boots. (Takeaway here: people like to read reviews)
-This blog has been viewed from 10 different countries, though I wonder how many of those views were by bots? Looking at you Russia and China...

My first post was an introduction to what my blog would be about. Makes sense. And apparently I used to blog quite a bit about shopping and nail art.

I guess that's only sort of changed since I do still share a lot of the ridiculous things I've bought. But now the focus is more horse related. And definitely much less running related. Hopefully that will find its way back here though. Also, can't remember the last time I painted my own nails.
Current situation: needs a nail file and some moisturizer. STAT.

Way back, five years ago, I had three horses in the barn:



 I'm thinking about giving each of the horses their own little about me tabs on here. I should do that!
Since then we've said hello to these guys:

And then goodbye to Romey. Maybe this year will have another hello in store.
Five years ago I was running half marathons and getting PR's. (HAHAHA, that won't be happening anymore!)

Plus I was horse showing somewhat regularly.

 Seems like way more than just five years ago. It was also about thirty lbs ago... perhaps time to get back to that half marathon running?

Rio got really sick a few years ago, and there were several posts documenting that. They start here if you want to relive that. Thankfully he semi recovered and is still around today!

Five years ago, I just had P, and Artie joined the family not too long after. They haven't changed too much, other than being a little grayer and a little chubbier... But hey, me too!

Ok, maybe Artie is a lot thicker... Don't judge him!

So that's where Amateur at Large has been. I can't wait to see what the next five years bring!

I have a few things I'm putting together to do a five year blogiversary giveaway, but I didn't prepare and there are too many blocks on this network for me to link anything anyway. So look for that by the weekend!

 How long have you been following along with me? Anything you've wondered about since you started reading? How long have you been blogging? Leave me your link if I'm not following you, I think there are a lot of great blogs out there that I don't know about.


  1. Happy five years!! 809 posts, holy moly. I think I've been following along about the same length of time I've been blogging, so getting close to two years now? Time flies when you're having fun, right? 😀

    1. Right? That's a lot of writing about nothing all this time! Haha! Thanks for following along!

  2. Happy Blogiversary! Yes do make an about me tab about each horse!

  3. Pretty awesome 5 years! I am almost to 4 years... in May I think? I'll have to remember to do something like this. Okay odds are I won't remember.

    1. Crazy right? I'm no where near your readership level, but plugging along!
      You should definitely celebrate 4 years!

  4. Congrats on 5 years! That's awesome. I've only been following you for a few years and I don't think I realized you'd been blogging for so long!

    1. It took awhile to find my groove... but I've been plugging along awhile! Thanks for following along!

  5. Congrats on five years!! And I have only been following you the last year or so I guess (since I started blogging about)... Keep on blogging :)

    1. Thanks! It's been a slow year... hopefully more fun horse stuff this year!

  6. Happy blogiversary! I can't wait to see where you are in five more years!

    1. Thank you! Hopefully back in the show ring by then!