Thursday, March 22, 2018

Thursdays Threads

Welp... still no riding clothes to share with you guys. Cause you know....
It's not even pretty anymore. In protest I wore the biggest comfiest sweater I could find. Kind of backfired cause it's certainly not slimming... but I'm comfy! Anyway, here's what I have on today to keep me warm on this faux spring day:
I'm really ready to start busting out the spring attire. Let's hope next week the seasons figure out their argument and things return to normal!

Sweater: Ralph Lauren
I found this guy during the great closet purge of 2018. It was a good find! It's just a cotton knit, which means a few things: It's comfy, it's cozy, AND I can wash and dry it! Although, I probably won't dry it, because RL sweaters shrink like nothing I've ever seen.

Belt: LV
This was an Ebay find, and to be honest, I very strongly question it's authenticity based on what I paid for it. But it's cute and is doing a nice job of holding up my pants.

Jeans: Levi
While certainly not the most flattering pants I own, I think these are awesome. They have an oil slick finish not that dissimilar to our favorite unicorn stirrups and spurs! Look! SHINY!

Boots: Nature Breeze
These are my go-to snow day boots. Well these and the same pair in brown, just depending on what I'm wearing that day. They are vinyl with rubber feet, and a lovely fuzzy lining. Best $21 I ever spent!

Arm Party!
Left is sporting a cuff bracelet that I made. It's part of a full stack, but I decided to keep it simple today.

Righty is wearing a stack of bracelets that I made awhile ago. The first two are just stretch bracelets, and the last one was actually a necklace that I took apart and made into a bracelet.

That's what I'm wearing today! What do you have on? Any fun new riding clothes for you? Favorites from today? Are you wanting me to wear a ridiculous theme outfit soon? I feel like it's overdue...


  1. I vote for a ridiculous theme outfit, they're my favorite 😁 love those jeans!


    1. They're fun aren't they?! I found them on ebay :)

  3. Really interesting/cool coloring on those jeans!!