Wednesday, March 21, 2018

What's Up Wednesday

Hahahahaha! Bet you can't guess what's up this Wednesday... MORE SNOW!

Although currently I think it's raining? Wintry mix perhaps? Hard to say for sure. Whatever it is, it's not sunny and 60 like Spring is meant to be. They're saying we'll end up with about a foot of heavy, wet, power outage inducing snow. AGAIN. UGH.
Oddly enough, on my journey back to the blog beginning, it seems I've been kvetching about winter since the start. Some things never change.

This week wasn't particularly exciting. When we last left off, we had more snow. (Is it me, or am I possibly stuck in the movie Groundhog Day?) The horses have been enjoying lots of grooming and snacks, and that's about it. They get turned out too, but I'm not sure they enjoy it. Even they seem fed up with being cold and snowy all the time.

No snow, but only 20 degrees

Must you wake me human? (How with the shavings though?)
St Patty's day was semi nice, so I did get to run away and have some fun with my bestie at a local restaurant. The pups stayed home, but they got into the spirit too:

Artie's Tail though! hahaha!
Sunday morning I was feeling particularly unmotivated. I decided to grab a breakfast sandwich in town and eat it (in my warm car) at the lake. It was stupid cold out, but my car was toasty, and it was a nice quiet break from doing chores and whatnot.

In other news, I brought my truck Jorge in to the shop for his first oil change and because his check engine light just came on. Which, that shouldn't happen at 1 year old and 5,000 miles... just saying. Anyway, that turned into an ordeal as the dealership service center had never seen the code it was throwing. Fortunately, they called the factory or whoever it is they call, and found out it was a sensor problem. He's getting that installed right now, and I should have him back for the treacherous drive home later. Phew. I was pretty not happy about driving a rental car in bad weather. I mean, on the one hand it's not mine so who cares? But on the other, I know Jorge will get me where I'm going. This little rental that electrocutes me every time I get out, not so much...
Also, they gave it to me with this much fuel. That's annoying. It does however, get much better mileage than anything I own.

We started a step challenge at work. If you meet the daily goal for 30 days you get a $75 gift card. I liked it better when they gave $150, but I'll take it. It's gotten me back on the treadmill, so I guess that's something. The pugs hate it though.
It's obviously cutting into their snuggle with mom time. But fear not, they still get plenty of that too!
That's about it from here. What's up with you today? Has spring arrived where you live? Can you send it this way?


  1. We're having less snow, but still not particularly spring-like weather, ugh. Soooooo much mud 😒

    1. But hey, I finally got my car back! Haha

    2. It actually wound up not being that bad. None of the snow during the day stuck to the ground, but I woke up to about 5 inches. So weird.
      Glad you got your car back! I got mine back too!

  2. So. Much. Snow. ��

    1. For real! I'm so ready for some sunshine and less layers!

  3. The pugs look so cute in their little costumes! Haha yeah I feel like we're stuck in groundhogs day too but with rain which for southern californians might as well be snow (if it actually snowed here they might explode.)

    1. Seriously! This weather is crazy everywhere. It's finally sunny out today, but it's barely 40. Where is spring?