Thursday, March 15, 2018

Thursday's Threads

OUTFIT DAY! But it's kind of a boring one. No riding outfit for obvious reasons. The good thing, is my ring does seem to be melting. But it's going to be awhile before it's actually rideable again. I have some silly outfits on my radar, but I need it to warm up a little for most of them. It's pretty cold here with highs just barely in the 40's for the foreseeable future. Still better than the 20's I guess. Anyway, here's what I wore to work today:

Comfy and warm was the name of the game today.

Sweater: Sisters
I like the colors on this one. It has that unicorn feel to it the way the colors kind of blend together.  Plus that cable down the center is totally like a unicorn horn, right? I got this one from Modcloth I think last year, but I never had a chance to wear it. Today was the perfect day, because I paired with what's below...

Belt: Swanky Saddle
Photos don't really do this cute buckle any justice at all. It has an iridescent finish on it, so when it moves around in the light it throws all different colors.
If you're looking for one of these on the Swanky Saddle site, you won't find this finish. It's available in gold or silver, antiqued or shiny but not this fancy finish. And here's how I wound up with it... I emailed Jodi (owner of Swanky Saddle) when I saw these adorable buckles on their Instagram and asked if it was possible to do them like the unicorn bits and spurs we all are loving right now. While this metal can't iodize (it's my understanding only titanium will give that unicorn finish) Jodi set about trying to get something similar. And this was the result. I was SO excited when it arrived because I thought I was just getting the regular gold one. Such a fun surprise! If you want one like this, you can order gold or silver and then send am email requesting the iridescent finish. This is not any sort of affiliate sale or anything. I just really love Swanky Saddle stuff! And Jodi is awesome to work with. Visit my Instagram (stacieseidman) to see the amazing necklace I got of Rio's face.
Anyway, back to Thursdays Threads!

Jeans: AG Jeans
These are just some boring dark blue jeans. But they're super comfy and I love them! I was going to wear some purple jeans, but ahem.... they didn't fit. Anyway... blue is lovely, isn't it?

Shoes: Dirty Laundry
Another item that would not photograph this morning... These are a really pretty olive green satin. The ribbon laces are black. I'm a sucker for shoes that kind of look like paddock boots (so comfy, right?) and if you make them green, I will probably buy them. So here they are.

Arm Party!
Lefty is wearing an adorable mantra bangle also from Swanky Saddle. It says, "Roll me in fairy dust and call me a UNICORN". Obviously, I love it.
I was wanting to wear a stack of mantra's on righty, but alas... my jewelry is a mess and I couldn't find them. (Hangs head in shame...)

Instead, righty is repping Nicole's Creations! Probably better than a bunch of mantra's anyway. These were handmade just for me by Nicole. I subscribe to her monthly jewelry service, and each month, I get something really gorgeous made just for me. She stops by here from time to time to see where my style is at, and then designs something I will definitely love. I am not sharing this info for anything in return, just another small business that I really love and wanted to share.

That's it for today. Maybe by some miracle the next storm passes us by (or just drops a bunch of rain) and I'll have a riding outfit next week? I wouldn't count on it, but never hurts to remain optimistic.
Any favorites from today? Have you ever gotten anything from Swanky Saddle or Nicole's Creations?


  1. I like your shoes and your unicorn belt buckle!

  2. I have never ordered anything from Swanky Saddle but I desperately want to! That pendant you got of Rio's face is SO cute!