Thursday, March 29, 2018

Thursday's Threads

It's OUTFIT DAY! I didn't have a chance to put together a ridiculous theme outfit today, but soon, I promise! Instead I dressed in blue to honor the Yankees today on opening day. Go Pinstripes! But we'll save that outfit for second. It's been a few weeks since I've had a riding outfit to share, so we'll start there today.

This outfit was from Saturday. It was still pretty cold, so I opted for a warm outfit. Big ol' sweatshirt and corduroy breeches!

Helmet: Charles Owen AYR8
I dressed to match the boys this weekend, so obviously greenie here was the go-to helmet!

Sweatshirt: brand unknown
I got this sweatshirt from Mona's Monograms one year at New England finals. It's giant, and warm, and super cozy. I've lost the hood strings, but otherwise it's holding up well!

Belt: Boy O Boy Bridleworks
I LOVE my BOB belt! I think the logo looks adorable on there and the colors are perfect. Thanks to all of you who voted to help me pick a pattern! I'm definitely not disappointed.

Breeches: Horseware
These breeches are incredibly unflattering. They emphasize every lump and bump on me. BUT they're super warm and despite making me look like a stuffed sausage, I think they're pretty cute. I also have them in tan.

Boots: Fama 4 All

First a confession: I didn't actually ride in these Saturday. I couldn't get them zipped all the way over these breeches (and maybe because I ate a giant lox sandwich the day before and was a little more fluffy than even normal). But I did wear them Sunday with thinner breeches. So it's not a total lie.
I mean, so close though, right?
Ok, despite my not fitting in them Saturday, I absolutely LOVE these boots. They're so dreamy. They're quite soft and they didn't cripple me when I rode in them Sunday. They're a little snug, but that's more my fault than the boots. I'm working on getting less fluffy, and they'll definitely stretch a little too. So I think all will be just fine. Plus, how pretty are they?!

Spur Straps: Mane Jane
I got spur straps and protectors with the boots that match the croc exactly, but I had forgotten them in the house. Instead I used these Mane Jane's with a cute little horse shoe on the keeper. They actually were a pretty close match too! I want to use my green spurs from color tack with these boots, but they're in Florida. I need to get down there!

So that's (sort of) what I wore riding on Saturday. (I rode in my Regals if you're curious what I switched to). I thought I'd also share what the boys wore. I'll just bullet point to save some time.


Saddle Pad: HKM Lauria Garelli collection
Half Pad: Horze
Saddle: Hermes Essentielle
Bridle: FSS (custom, from Ebay)
Bit: Sweet Billy's Bits
Browband: Boy O Boy Bridleworks
Reins: Tory Leather


Saddle Pad: I'm embarrassed I forgot the name of the Etsy shop... but it's closed now so it doesn't really matter I guess.
Half pad: Le Mieux
Saddle: Hermes Essentielle
Bridle: FSS (custom, from Ebay)
Bit: Pessoa
Browband: Boy O Boy Bridleworks
Reins: Tory Leather
And here's what I wore to work today!
I wanted something casual that I could also wear to the barn because the vet is coming today. (Woohoo half day for me!)

Sweater: Say What
This is like the sweater version of a baseball tee. I got it at Marshalls last year for 12.00. I know because I never wore it and just found it during the great purge with the tag still on... Oops. It's a cute sweater! Light weight, but still warm.

Belt: Mane Jane
It looks black in this photo, but it's actually navy croc. You probably know that though since I wear this one a LOT. It's mint green on the reverse side.

Jeans: TwentyOne Black
These are cheapo super comfy jegging like jeans. I'd say they're actually jeans because they have all functional pockets, a fly, and a button. But they're pretty thin and stretchy similar to jeggings. SO comfy!

Shoes: Blowfish
Lol. These shoes remind me of the 80's when it was all denim all the time. I should have worn a jean jacket too! Hahaha! They're comfy like slippers though, so I'll stop laughing at them now.

Arm Party:
Lefty is wearing a mixed media bracelet from Ettika. This one hasn't aged very well though, it's gotten all twisty. I do love the different materials used on it.

Righty is actually wearing the stack that's shown in the giveaway (ALSO, don't forget to enter by leaving a comment on that post). This is one of my favorites because the suede is really soft.

So that's it for today's outfits! Do you have any favorites? Have you gotten anything from Boy O Boy Bridleworks? Any awesome small horsey businesses I should check out for future outfits? Have you entered the giveaway?


  1. I'm a little disappointed in the lack of crazy themed outfits lately 😉😋 but the Fama boots look amazing!

  2. That belt is totally on point, the sweater looks SOOOOOOO comfortable too!