Thursday, March 8, 2018

Thursday's Threads: Riding outfit only edition

Kind of a lame Thursday's Threads post because I kind of forgot to take outfit pictures this morning. But also, I have no power, which means no running water or heat so I look AMAZING let me tell you... At least outside looks pretty?

 It doesn't sound pretty. The trees cracking all around last night sounded like fireworks! Eeek. 100% of my town is in the dark. Hoping it's back by tonight because it's supposed to drop down into the 20's tonight. Brr.
Fortunately, I grabbed some snaps of my riding outfit on Sunday, so all is not lost!

I had to add a coat before I got on though. That wind was blowing cold!
Also, Jampy and I wore matching boots:
Ok, let's look closer!

Helmet: Charles Owen JR8
I don't really like the harnesses on these JR8 helmets, but the sparkles obviously over rule that issue. It fits well too, so that's the most important thing.

Jacket: Ariat
This guy got stuck in the black hole that is my laundry pile for awhile. But he's clean and back in action! I rather like Ariat apparel.

Hoodie: Lit Cube
Why yes, this IS a Gilmore Girls inspired sweatshirt. Thanks for noticing! I love it. It's oversize and comfy and warm and all the things you want in a sweatshirt.

Belt: Brooks Belts
This belt matches the breeches so well, you almost can't see it! It's your run of the mill elastic belt. I could probably make this if I had and could work a sewing machine. But since I do not and cannot, I had to buy it.

Breeches: Kerrits Winter Cargo breeches
I'm not a big fan of Kerrits breeches, but these were on super duper sale, and I loved the heathered gray. Also, I am a bit too... fluffy for any of my winter breeches, so figured I'd give them a try. They're ok. I liked riding in them, but the cargo pockets on the side make the legs have less give to them. And that's where I could use all the give I can get. I maybe should have gotten a large instead of a medium. They'll do though.

Boots: Pioneer
They are tough to photograph! Navy, I promise.
Ah! The part you've been waiting for! The boots! I have mixed reviews here. I think overall positive, but there is one pretty big negative. Let's start there and get it out of the way. They say patent leather is really grippy. And that's not a lie exactly.... If you rub patent on patent, you get a great grip. If you rub patent on smooth saddle leather? Not so much. However, lots of boots are slippery when they're new, so I'm not sure it's fair to judge yet. And I think a little of this stuff should help me out of it the slippery is a permanent state:
I'm not a big fan of saddle tight type stuff, but I like this one a lot. It doesn't ruin your tack, and wipes right off with a little saddle soap. Unlike actual saddle tite. That stuff is gross. I was planning to try it with the boots on Rio but he was off so didn't get the chance. Will report back whenever I can try again.
And now the good! These boots are SO COMFY! Maybe not quite Regal comfy, but for boots that seem really stiff they weren't. The didn't dig into my legs anywhere (so hopefully that doesn't mean they'll wind up too short...) and I had no blisters or anything to speak of after my ride. I wore them to lunge and ride Jamp, lunge Rio, sweep up the barn, and feed the horses. So they were on for a few hours doing all different things. They are a little stiff, to be expected, but very comfy! And they're pretty awesome to look at too, if I do say so!

That's it for today... short and sweet! Were you in the path of this Nor'Easter? How did you make out? Any favorites from today?


  1. I got hung up laughing at "Guter Sitz" hahaha. But those boots are GORG 😍

    Hopefully your power is back on soon, thats the worst!

    1. Guter Sitz is the best stuff ever! When I got Hermie 2.0 it was the only thing that kept me on! (Seriously, I still have no idea why that saddle is so slippery. It's exactly the same as my original!)
      Power was back Saturday evening! It was a long 72 hours!

  2. insanely jelly of your boot collection. The navy is to die for! Hopefully they become a little more grippy with use!

    1. Thank you! I can't wait till they're all broken in!
      And I hope so too... But if not, I think the Guter Sitz will help.

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