Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What's Up Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday Blogland! It's all kinds of weird around these parts today. It's in the upper 50's, foggy, and occasionally thunder storms are rolling through. It feels like May! But fear not, snow is in the forecast for Friday. Oh New England. You're so weird. But you're not hear solely to talk about the weather. Are you? No? I didn't think so. So let's take a look back at the past week.
In horsey news, I actually got to RIDE on Saturday!

Kind of. As much as you can ride an almost 18 year old horse who's had a few months off and is also semi covered in hives. But hey, I'll take what I can get! It was freakishly warm Saturday with highs near 70 (in February! What?!) so despite the busy morning (we'll get into that later) I made sure there was time to get the horses out for some "work". (I use that term loosely.)
Mr. Itchy (as Jamp is now known) had a quick lunge before I got on. Just in case.
I forgot to edit my screenshots... sorry.

But being that he's Mr. Itchy and on twice a day Benadryl (AND it was almost 70 out) he was ridiculously quiet.
So itchy. Also, he was not this hivey when we rode, I swear.
He was also kind of unsound. I'm not sure if he was trying to itch his back on the saddle, or he was actually really unsound at the canter though... I'll have to see next time the weather lets us ride. I'll be scheduling our Springtime Vet-a-thon soon anyway, so at least it's good timing.
Since Rio is handicapped, I start him on the lunge line for awhile before I will ever sit on him. Let him get some strength back before I ask him tote me around. I have to say, he was looking pretty good!
He was actually kind of wild. I would show you some video, but with his handicaps it's just too awkward. He'd be so mad at me. But LOOK AT THAT EXTENSION! That's my boy. Looking good for almost 21.
By the time I got around to pondering what to do with Sir Crazy Pants (aka Romey) it was getting dark. So we just groomed instead. He hated it.
Sunday was much colder and insanely windy.

I was busy in the morning again. When I got back to the house for pony time, the winds were gusting about 30 mph and it was only around 40 degrees. I opted out of "working" horses and got to work cleaning my pig stye of a house instead.

In non horse news... It was a busy weekend. Pia had an unplanned visit to the vet. Last Wednesday, after I found Jamp covered in hives, I came home to dog puke on the floor. In two places. But I didn't know who it was and both seemed perfectly fine. So I opted to watch them and see if it happened again. It didn't. That is until Thursday when I came home from work and found the exact same thing as Wednesday. I realized based on color (ew.) that it was Pia's and that she had thrown up her vitamin that she takes. Good sleuthing on my part I suppose! Anyway, she's been taking that supplement for the last 7 years, so it was odd that it was suddenly bothering her and my vet thought she should come in for a visit. They had time for her at 1 o'clock Saturday, so I ran a bunch of errands and then brought her in.
unrelated photo of pug loaves
 A few hundred dollars and some x-rays later, we think it's nothing too serious. She's off the supplement for a week and on some Omeprazol. She has another appointment in two weeks to follow up. With her not taking her supplement, she's had no troubles. Hopefully next week when she starts back on it, we won't see a relapse. Fingers crossed.
This really is pretty much all they do. Ever.
And some random stuff from the week/weekend...
I took Betty to the car wash, and it was more fun than I remember:

Did they always have tie-dye soap?! I was thoroughly entertained. Also, my truck won't fit at this car wash, any suggestions on how to clean the undercarriage?

I may have found a solution to Hermie 2.0 being so slippery I can't hold on. (That's the used saddle I've been riding in here since mine is down in FL getting a new seat.)

My friend/trainer in college suggested Guter Sitz in the jar. I've seen the spray but never the jar. It's a solid and you rub it on with your fingers. I've always been against smearing this nasty sticky stuff on my beautiful tack and boots, but desperate times friends. I can't seem to fix the slipperiness of Hermie 2.0 so I don't really care if he winds up covered in stick-um! Anyway, if you love your boots and saddle, maybe don't use it, because I'm not sure if it comes off very easily. I'll get back to you on that when I attempt to remove it. But if you love not sliding off your tack, definitely try it. It worked great.
Sunday I got to spend the morning with the ladies from book club celebrating a belated Galentine's Day. It was hosted by Ashley over at The Well Dressed Table. The decorations and food were totally on point. It was great to take a morning off from running errands and tending to animals to have some mimosas and girl talk.
AND lastly, my Caballo blue paddock boots and half chaps finally arrived from England!

 You guys. They are amazing! So soft and buttery. And I didn't mess up measuring because they fit absolutely perfectly! If you're on the hunt for a gorgeous set of these, visit Cork Farm Equestrian. I don't know that they sell these anywhere in the US, but they're totally worth the wait. Cork Farm was really helpful when I was trying to decide between these and a pair of blue tall boots. I can't wait to ride in them with my matching blue Charles Owen... (I think I might have an equestrian attire shopping problem...)
Well, that's what's up this Wednesday! What's up with you? Have you been riding much? Do anything fun and totally non-horsey lately? Let's talk about your week in the comments!

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