Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thursdays Threads

Happy Outfit Day! After missing last week, I'm happy to have a cute outfit to share today. Especially the shoes... wait till you see the shoes! I have a riding outfit too! (No running today, we met up for breakfast instead. Because you know, eating > running.)

I actually think you've seen most of this outfit already, just not all together. Let's look closer!

Bad blogger... I forgot to see what the brand was on this, and I can't see it while it's on... Sorry about that. But it came from TJ Maxx I think last year. I love the high neck, the lace, and the gold dots! I do wish it was just a little longer. But then again... it might have been when I got it. I have a habit of shrinking things.

Pants: Modcloth
It's really hard to show in a photograph, but these khakis actually have a gold shimmer to them. I like that they're a little fancy and gold, but not like GOLD! You know?

Shoes: Simply Vera
Sorry... I know my feet are disgusting. But the nail places all close at 6. Who can get there before that? Anyway, how cute are these sandals? I found them at Kohl's for like $7.00. Had to have them! The champagne color goes with so much this time of year. I hope to get a bunch more uses out of them before summer is over. (Summer, please don't go!)

Arm Party:
Nothing new here... My one and only authentic Hermes bracelet (thanks Dad!) and my trusty Rolex.

I guess I wanted to wear all H all the time today... These are all from various ebay sellers. They look cute together! I love the neutral tones, especially the shell in the middle.

And now riding outfit:
Annie's USA had a sale... so I had to get the green tea breeches. I've been eyeing them all summer! Let's look closer:

Breeches: Annie's USA
 These are seriously the most comfy breeches EVER. They're so soft. I could sleep in them. These do not have euro seat, but I do believe all of the newer stock does. The newer breeches also have the sock bottoms, while these have velcro. I don't really mind either way. They're schooling breeches, so I'm not so picky. There are still some breeches on sale, so if you want to try Annie's out for yourself, now is a good time!

Top: Tommy Hilfiger
 I have no idea how old this t-shirt is. But I'm thinking it's at least 5 years or so. It was buried in a drawer, but I'm glad I found it! I mean... it has PONIES on it! And it matches my green tea breeches almost perfectly.

 Yeah... Ebay. This is a cute one, real leather!

That's it for today! What are you wearing?


  1. I've been eye-ing the Annie's breeches myself, I love the green and purple. I'm glad to hear that they are so comfy! :)

    1. SO COMFY! They're so so soft. I have three pairs already. I think I'm hoarding them. I have the dark purple, these green ones, and the lighter purple/magenta sort of color with the blingy pockets.
      Definitely get a pair if you've been thinking about it!