Wednesday, August 5, 2015

What's Up Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday Friends! It's beautiful here in New England today. Low to mid 80's, sunny... perfect! I really wish Summer could last all year.
Last week I didn't have much to talk about and honestly this week isn't a whole lot different. But I'll give it a go! Here's what up this Wednesday:

The tall kids have been enjoying summer too! Rio is in a lot less pain, and walks almost normally. The granulation tissue is still trying to grow, but we've started using a different topical on it to try and stop it. Good old Wonderdust! My horsey readers probably know what that is. The rest of you maybe not. It's a powder we put on wounds and what not to dry them up and get them to scab over. Ew, I know... But hopefully it's going to do the trick. But here's a funny story regarding Wonderdust. My vet recommended using it over the phone, so I went digging in my tack box to find it while still talking to him. I pulled it out, and it had BUD written on the back.

You guys, my horse Bud passed away in 1998, and I can guarantee that it was already a couple years old by then (at least). That's some old medicine! My vet said not to worry, that stuff won't expire. Phew. This is Bud, because everyone should know him:

Anyway... we just started that last night, so we'll have to see how it works. Since he's feeling well enough to walk more or less normally, I took him out for some snacks this weekend;

As you already read yesterday, Jampy went to a horse show Sunday and was a very good boy.

He had grassy snacks too, but I didn't get any pictures of him this time.
Ducky has been quite good, though probably due to the heat wave we've been having. He's a much quieter horse when it's 90 degrees out! I'd like to start jumping him though, so hopefully his quiet attitude sticks around!

Since it's been pretty warm for the puggers, they've been doing a lot of hanging out. Sometimes out by the pool, but mostly in the air conditioning!

Well... not much other to report. I haven't been running this week... I haven't made any pretty jewelry. So I guess that's what's up this Wednesday!
What's up with you?


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    1. Thank you! He was an amazing little horse. He held his own against all those fancy warmbloods. (He was an appendix quarter horse!)
      Yep, that's Devon. Long ago and far away before I became a working adult, I did fancy things like junior hunters at big shows like Devon and Indoors. I wasn't super talented so we never got a prize at those venues together. But Bud got lots of satin in the professional divisions! His name was Just Humour Me. Because he humored me. A lot.

  2. Your pugs have the best life! They are too cute :)

    1. I'm pretty jealous of their life of leisure!