Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Truthful Tuesday

This is completely random. But I have what I guess you'd call a nervous habit of playing with my necklace. I'm always grabbing for it, sliding the charms around, bringing the clasp back around to where it belongs. That sort of thing.

Well Sunday I had to take my necklace off. The one I've been wearing is only silver plated, and after many wearings in the shower, the pool, and to ride it now is pretty much just nickel or stainless steel or whatever was under that silver coating. It's making my neck break out in hives, so off it had to go. Problem is, I haven't replaced it with anything yet. So now I'm just grabbing at my neck like some kind of mental patient.
If you see me do this... just ignore! Ha! Do you have any habits like that? Have an article of clothing or accessory that you have to wear all the time?

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