Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Truthful Tuesday

Heh... This is a good one. I've been trying to do most of my grocery shopping at the farmer's market since it's summer and I really should eat healthy foods. And maybe lose 10 lbs... (ha!) But the problem with that is all those healthy foods need to be consumed within about 3 days or they turn to mush. My local market is held on Sundays which is pretty perfect. But that means by Wednesday, pickings are getting slim in the kitchen. By Thursday, there's pretty much nothing left that can be considered food. Well last Thursday, by the time I was done in the barn, it was too late to get to the grocery store (they close at 10 and it was 9:45), so I figured there must be SOMETHING buried in the freezer that could pass for dinner. There was not. But you know what I did have? All the ingredients for S'MORES! Mmmmm s'mores! So today's confession my friends: I ate s'mores for dinner. And I cooked them on a candle in my living room.
Important to note: Those giant marshmallows are stupid. I had to break them into thirds to cook properly. But they were better than no marshmallows.
On a related note, I used to do this in college all the time, which was kind of a big no-no since we weren't supposed to have candles or any type of flames in the dorms. And one time I set off the smoke alarm in my room. Thankfully it didn't trip the main one for the whole building. Oops.


  1. Hahaha! Those are one of the foods that I ate a lot int he first weeks after Tim died. I would roast mine in the oven :)

    1. That's a good idea! I should try that next time, probably less dangerous.
      Chocolate and marshmallow are food groups right?