Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Today is my fake Friday, woohoo! Not only that, but I'm taking a half day. So in about 3 hours (ish) it will be my weekend. YES! Jampy and I are headed to Fairfield tomorrow morning (and Friday morning, and Saturday morning...) for a horse show, so I'm super excited/anxious. Thursday and Friday are just some hunter classes. We're really only doing them so Jamp is good and tired and less spooky for Saturday. That day is Connecticut Medal Finals! Ahhhh! After our "performance" last year, I really hope we can redeem ourselves. (You can revisit that here if you'd like.)
So that's what's to come, but let's talk about what's up this Wednesday!


Most of their week looked much like the above photo. They have it rough. But Sunday we went for a nice walk by the lake. I think I may have walked them a little too far as they quit when we were almost home! Thankfully with some coaxing they made it back to the house.

My tall kids have been so good this week! All of them! Ducky jumped through a little baby gymnastic:
Crossrail to a little pile of poles. Trotting in, two canter strides, jumping out. He handled it like a champ! Not only that, but I think he really enjoyed it. I need to get him jumping more.
Jampy has been practicing for Fairfield with two good jumping schools this week.

 We also rode out in the yard a little since we'll be showing on grass at Fairfield. I think Jamp wanted to stop and take a swim.

Rio is feeling so much better! He still has some tissue that needs to be removed but it's not painful, and he's so much happier. He even got to have some turnout time in the ring and he did some trot and canter happily all on his own.
I also subjected them to photo shoots while they were eating grass. So here comes a big photo dump!

Sunday I made sure to get to the farmer's market since I had run out of food again... Check out this dog carrying the bags:
I need one of those! Here are some photos of our little market. They close down the street every Sunday and usually there's a band too. So cute!

I had a braiding job on Friday and the horse had my favorite type of mane. He came out so handsome!

 Vanessa and I met up for our 3 mile run on Thursday morning. Pepper came too!

For only running once a week (at best) this summer, that time isn't too bad! I'm really wanting to get back into it and try and shave a minute off that time. I used to run 9:30's consistently so I know I could again. But it's hard to fit it in with all the horses and working. Once showing calms down, I'll get back at it.
Lastly, I have a bunch of fun new clothes to share, but I'm saving that for it's own post. Probably won't be up until after the horse show. Sorry to keep you in suspense!
Here's a sneak peak to hold you over:

So that's what's up this Wednesday! What have you been up to? Get any good runs in? Any horse shows? Fun shopping hauls? Share in the comments!



  1. I know I've said it before, but I just love your dogs.

    1. Thank you! They're hilarious. If you're ever up in the northeast, you'll have to come visit them!

  2. Good luck this weekend!

    And I'm super impressed with your braiding. I really need to learn how for when Petunia and I move up to rated shows.

    1. Thank you! When I was little, my dad refused to pay for braiding (which is pretty funny because back then it was only like $15). So I had to learn. And it was great in college. I could pay my whole month's rent in one weekend!

  3. those horses are gorgeous!! :D

    Have a great week!
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