Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thursday's Threads

Happy Thursday everyone! I'm having another DAY at work... ugh. But am trying to write this post in between phone calls and being yelled at. If it seems disjointed... well.. that's because it is. Anyway, let's take a look at some clothes!
Here's what I'm wearing at work today:
I'm trying to wear white as much as I can since Labor Day is fast approaching! I will say though, this was totally a poor outfit choice as it's utterly arctic in my office today. Good thing I have a blankie. And fingerless mittens. And an ear warmer. Brrr.

Top: Le Lis
I got this beauty from the Moxie.Style sale. I LOVE it! I just learned about this brand this past year, and I really like what they have to offer. The materials are high quality, and the fit is fantastic. Navy and giant polka dots is so fun for summer too!

Belt: No brand
This photo came out dark, but the belt is navy leather. I know NORMALLY it's nautical stripes you pair with an anchor belt, but I thought these dots worked with it too.

Pants: Vigold Jeans
This is one of my favorite jeans brands. They just fit me really well and the length is pretty close to perfect. It doesn't hurt that they're on the cheaper end of the spectrum too!

Shoes: Rocket Dog
You saw these just a couple of weeks ago. They were definitely a good buy as they're getting plenty of wear! I do wish I had some socks on in here though. I'm so cold! I really wish the A/C would take a break. It's not hot out today! Ugh.

Arm Party:
Lefty is really embracing this look... I haven't changed it up at all in days! I love this KEEP Collective leather bracelet, and it's soooo perfect with my watch! Love love love!

Righty is clearly embracing what's left of summer. (I'm with you righty. Hang on to it tightly!) Sunnies bracelet by Kate Spade, leather and chain wrap bracelet by Ettika, and a lobster bangle from Fornash.

Riding outfit!
 I'm not sure why I can't seem to resist breeches on sale... But I can't. So here's a cute new outfit to talk about!
Tops: Old Navy Tanks
 I never used to wear tanks to ride. As a boarder, I've always been very much in favor of looking proper in a collared shirt, tucked in. But since I ride in my backyard now, if it's hot, I'm wearing a tank! My less obvious farmer's tan thanks me. Anyway, these are from Old Navy. Super inexpensive and available in a wide array of colors. I usually stock up in the springtime.

Belt: No brand
You have seen this one before, not all that long ago. It came from Ebay and is probably supposed to be an Hermes knockoff. But it's not really... I've never seen an Hermes like this anyway. I like it, the edges of the buckle are actually gold. Cute!

Breeches: Ariat
 My favorite local tack shop, Reins, is clearing out their summer merchandise to make way for fall and winter, so I jumped at the chance to get these at 40% off! Ariat breeches are probably the best fitting for my body type, but are pretty pricey when not on sale. I am so in love with these! I wish they came in more color combinations. Or maybe they do? I will have to go hunting!

Socks: Betsey Johnson
I don't normally call out my boot socks, but these are so fun, I had to share. They actually have some metallic thread through them which doesn't really show in the photo. They matched so perfectly with my outfit! Too bad I had to cover them up with boots...

Well.. that's it for today! What's your favorite from above? What are you wearing? Is it an arctic tundra in your office too?

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