Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What's Up Wednesday!

As you may have gathered from all the horse show posts, I've been caught up in the horse show vortex for a few days. In other words, it's just been all horses all the time this week! So I guess what I'm saying is... this will be short and sweet and mostly photos.
If you look carefully, you'll see it's a double rainbow!
A friend of mine recently hosted a Facebook Keep Collective Party, so I jumped on the bandwagon and ordered myself a bracelet:
I chose a dog paw, 13.1 bar, and horseshoe then picked the lapis stones as spacers to match my watch face. I love how it came out! Keep Collective has a great variety of little charms and you can build anything you want. I'm thinking about hosting my own online party, would any of you be interested if I did?

On Friday, when we were driving home from the horse show, we saw the Google Maps car!

I don't know why I thought that was so exciting. But I really did. I made my copilot take photos.

The Puggers had a semi-neglectful weekend. I did my best to hang out with them as much as I could. Mostly it involved napping on the floor. I don't think they mind that though!

Rio has decided he wants to push some fashion boundaries with his bandages:
That's a lot of patterns all at once, Rio... I'm not sure it's working for you.

Saturday, after the horse show marathon weekend, I got a phone call about 15 minutes after pulling into the driveway that my friend needed a horse braided. Ugh. But I said sure thing! Since if I were ever in that position, I would hope someone would step up for me. The horse came out great, and I was home by 11. Not bad! (Though after waking up at 3:45 AM it was kind of a long day.)

And now I shall dump photos of the tall kids at you:

Sorry for the disorganized rambling post... but honestly, that sums up my week pretty well! What's up with you this Wednesday? Do anything new and exciting? Old, tried and true? Tell me about it in the comments!


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    1. Thank you! But I will admit, I don't do the best job on my own horse. Jamp has the WORST mane. But he rubs anyway, so I can blame him if they don't look nice by the time I show ;)