Friday, May 29, 2015

Update: Tuffrider Regal vs. Parlanti

You all may remember this post from a little bit ago in which I showed you two brand new pairs of boots. I showed you all the similarities and differences in that post and basically concluded that they were both awesome in their own way. But what I hadn't done was actually RIDE in them. Well friends, I have ridden in both, and thought I'd tell you about them!
I am really embarrassed that I'm showing you dirty boots. There's just been no time for boot cleaning. Plus I wanted to show you worn boots. And worn boots get dirty.
Size: 36XLH (or size 6, extra tall, extra wide)
I've ridden in them about 10 times so far. And let me tell you. They require some serious breaking in! Or maybe I need to lose some lbs... Either way, they have not yet reached comfortable status. NOT. AT. ALL. They do, however, look amazing. Here are some photos:

I think the problem is primarily my cankles... They just don't fit all that well in that tiny ankle on this boot! But they're getting better and have gotten more tolerable with every ride. Discomfort aside, these boots are gorgeous. I do like the snug fit, and the foot fits perfectly too.

Size: 6 regular
So you pretty much just put these on and go ride.
I've ridden in them three times. That's it. And they're soft like butter and have literally ZERO break in time. None! So comfy. Like wearing slippers. Tall, leather slippers. Also, the inner panel is textured and really grippy. My very first ride in them was on Ducky and he was feeling a bit sassy. He spooked and ran sideways, but with these boots on, I just stuck like glue. GLUE!
There are some negatives to mention though. They are not as pretty. It's obvious that the leather is lower quality and the boots are just a little... well... less (for lack of a better adjective). I also find the heel and foot to be a bit loose. Perhaps a half size smaller would have been better. I wear spurs though, and that seems to snug them up. Here are some Regal shots:

My takeaway? It hasn't changed much. I still think the Parlanti's are the better show boot. I think they'll hold up longer and they are more attractive. That said, I'd much prefer to actually ride in the Regal's. They are just so comfortable, it kind of outweighs the aesthetics. Plus, they're 1/3 the price.
My first show of the season is approaching frighteningly quickly, and I'm not yet sure which boots I'll wear. I may just wear my old ones... We'll have to see!

What do you think? What do you ride in? Let me know your opinion in the comments!


  1. Great review!

    I have a pair of Mt Horse that I school in and they are AWESOME but I'd really like a high end pair for showing so I'm always on the hunt for what others like :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I've heard great things about the Mt horse! I have... ahem... well developed calves... So they didn't fit me :( The Parlanti's are beautiful. I really hope they get comfy soon!

  2. After my friend's experience and now yours, I'm seriously tempted to buy a pair for schooling!

    1. I'm confident you won't regret it! If you're planning to only school in them, consider the sport model too. They're SO COMFY! I have them in today's Thursday's Threads post.