Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What's Up Wednesday!

There's been a lot going on around these parts lately! Birthdays, Mother's Day, the job, horses, dogs, running.... Phew! But all good things, that's for sure! And the weather? Ahhhh the weather! It's been HOT and SUNNY, and I think it's my happy place. So let's talk about all these awesome things going on, shall we?

Obviously we talk about them first. Jampy and I finally had a chance to jump around a tiny course. And I mean TINY. But hey, it's our first time jumping this year. Gotta start somewhere.

Ducky has actually been a good boy all week too! He jumped a teeny tiny crossrail, and those flower boxes in the picture above too!
Rio is enjoying retirement. I had the vet watch him move on Monday when he was out for spring maintenance on the other two. I'm proud to say, my vet was AMAZED at how great Rio looks. That Rio, he's a fighter. That's for certain.
Here are some gratuitous photos of my boys being adorable this past week:

Jampy having a snack after our ride

Ducky and Jampy modeling their preppy saddle pads

Good honies get snacks!

What's up Duck?

Rio... the handsomest boy in all the land

Jamposaurus Rex

Try getting them all to look at the camera at the same time...
I've been SO BUSY that I really think the pugs are getting the short end of the attention stick. Thankfully, they're pugs and laying on the floor with them at the end of the very long days seems to keep them pretty happy. I promised them that over the weekend we would do something fun. I'd hoped in the form of a walk around the neighborhood, but thankfully I didn't promise that, as time did not really allow for it. But we did get a chance to frolic in the backyard. Of course I took lots of photos to bore you with:

I was at my brother and sister-in-law's a few times this week for birthdays and mother's day, and got to hang out with this pup too:
This is Sasha. It's nearly impossible to get a photo of her, she's always VERY busy! She's a rescue husky, about a year old. Such a sweetie!

I'm super proud of my week in running. I actually got up and ran Thurs and Tues all by myself! 3 miles each day. And while neither was particularly fast or impressive, I got them done. And since I'm so lazy, that's a big accomplishment. That half is looming near, and I want to feel confident when I toe that line!
I got up early Saturday for my long run. I knew I had a ton of things to do that day (literally... a TON) and it was supposed to get pretty warm. Early was necessary. Unfortunately, my watch wasn't as excited to get up early.
Most annoying screen ever... it took a good ten minutes to find satellites.
 Just me and the open road...

It actually wasn't too bad! The route I chose takes me up hill the first mile or so, which is tough. But once that's out of the way, the hills roll pretty nicely. And at the half way point is my brother's house! Perfect. I could stop for some water and throw away my GU wrapper. That's good planning my friends. I did take a few extended walk breaks on some of the uphills, but otherwise I ran the whole thing. While my time is not impressive to most runners, I am proud of it considering my accelerated training plan:

My Outrun38 post run SelfieL L for Liz!
This weekend I will run 11. Then next week is a taper week where I'll probably run 6. And then it's Half Marathon Weekend! WOOHOO!

So that was my week... or at least the fun parts. We don't need to talk about work! What's up with you this Wednesday? Tell me all about it in the comments!


  1. Replies
    1. The end is shaped like a cheetah head! It's pretty fantastical. I am definitely too old too own it. Don't care though!

  2. Great running week! I was so sad I couldn't get there :( I was going to moped Thursday and then THAT broke on me (actually ran out of gas- whoops!) Great job getting all your runs in!

    And the critters are look adorable!

    1. I'm SO SAD I didn't get to see you at all! I wish I'd known sooner about Thursday, I could have come your direction. Thank you! I was proud of me for being semi motivated!

  3. I noticed that crop too. Leopard/cheetah on anything is my fav. And your barn is very, very pretty!

  4. I noticed that crop too. Leopard/cheetah on anything is my fav. And your barn is very, very pretty!

    1. Thank you so much! I can honestly say, the horses live a lot better than I do. As it should be, right?
      When I saw the crop at the tack store, I had to have it! They're pretty inexpensive too.