Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thursday's Threads

I think Thursday's Threads is becoming my favorite weekly post. On the negative side however, I'm constantly wanting to buy more stuff to share with you. I need to stop doing that. There's plenty to be found in the depths of my closets! (Yes plural... stop judging me.)
For fun this week, I thought I'd start out with two of my riding outfits this week. I never really share those and I know I have horsey readers who might like to see! For those of you non-horsey friends, we call these schooling outfits since they are not suitable to be worn in the show ring. There are many rules about what you can and cannot wear, but to simplify those for the non equine crowd: no flashy colors! And obviously I love colors. (Also you have to wear a hunt coat (blazer) most of the time which obviously I'm not wearing at home in the 75 degrees.) So enough blabbering! Here's what I wore on Tues and Wed this week to ride:
Wait!  A little more blabbering... I change after work in the barn, and I don't have a mirror there, so this is the best I can do photo-wise. Sorry about that.

Tuesday's Outfit:
Top: Rue 21
I found this bad boy in the clearance section for $3. I also wore it to work that day. A little Charlie Brown feel to it, no?

Breeches (pants, pronounced britches): Ovation
I forget the style name of these, but they are said to be cut looser and they are. I love them! They are perfect for my <<ahem>> generous thigh area. No clinging or pulling down. Did you know when you're pants are small they will fall downwards? No? Well they do... Toward the thinner parts of your legs. It's awful, and you wind up with saggy crotch, and it's not because you're skinny. #riderproblems

 Belt: Gucci
I love ebay. That is all.

Boots: Tuffrider Sport Boot
Sorry these are filthy. I really like to keep my boots clean and shiny, but for everyday, that's pretty much impossible with my schedule. I use these only for riding at home, so until now, no one knew my dirty little boot secret. These boots are similar to the Regals I showed you in my boot comparison post. They have an added stretchy panel in the front and no laces though. Also the toes are rounded and a bit wider. I don't think these are the most attractive boots around, but they are SO COMFORTABLE! I could live in them. Also I found them on sale for $130. For decent riding boots, that's pretty unheard of.

Helmet: Charles Owen Custom GR8 with Personally Preppy Monogram on the back

It would seem I deleted the photo of my helmet head-on, but this shot with Ducky shows it pretty well. It's a little hard to see, but there are two strips of piping on it, one gold (that one stands out!) and one hunter green. My farm colors are hunter green and tan, but for some items I like to swap the tan for gold. It's more fun! I added the monogram to the back, partly because all the cool kids have them, but mostly because my good friend sent this to me as a gift. I'm not ready to decorate my ridiculously expensive show helmet with one, but I like it for my practice helmet.

Wednesday's Outfit:
Top: I'm sorry... I can't remember the brand on this ADORABLE top and I forgot to look this morning...
If it helps, I got it at TJ Maxx in the athletic section. But sadly... no idea what the brand is. I think it starts with a K though.

Breeches: Annie's USA
I LOVE these crazy purple breeches. I also have them in Tiffany Blue which you may have seen in the boot comparison post. These pants are so incredibly soft and stretchy. Highly recommend them!

Belt: Designer Inspired
Another Ebay find. I was super excited to finally find a pink one!
Boots and helmet are the same everyday.

I was going to skip my running outfit today... but then I wore donut tights, and I knew  you'd want to see those, so...
Tights: Kohls
Found these on the clearance rack for $6. Yes please! (I run for donuts.)

Top: Ariat
It was freezing today so the jacket had to come out. Brrrrr.
Shorts and shoes I've shown you before, so for the sake of shortening this up, we'll skip those.

Ok on to the work outfit!
I hope you all like seeing mint colored outfits... I'm a mint-a-holic, and they will be plentiful this season.
Top: Rue 21
You know how earlier I said there were plenty of items to be found in my closets? Yeah, I meant that literally. Found this at the bottom of one of my drawers with the tags still on. <<hangs head in shame>> I really like it!

Pants: Rue 21
You've seen these many times before so no need to dwell...

Shoes: Sperry
Found these in the kiddie section. MINT SPERRY'S!!!! Yay :)

Arm Decor:
I had seen this bracelet on Little Black Bag when someone must have returned it. It had been sold on there before I joined. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get my hands on the re-stock. But I wanted it SO BADLY! Thankfully, when they were getting ready to close up shop, they must have found some old stock. I clicked BUY the second I saw it!


This gorgeous wrap bracelet also came from LBB. It's by the brand Bindi. These were super popular on that site, and you had to act quickly to get your hands on one. They are very similar to the far more expensive Chan Lu bracelets. The other bracelet is one that I put together a little bit ago. These two match each other so well! Who knew?

Sorry this was so long today. I just really wanted to share some horsey outfits! What are you wearing today?