Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Truthful Tuesday

I bought black market Lilly for Target. I said I wouldn't do that. But I DID. <<Hangs head in shame>>

I'm sure you all saw on the news about the debacle that was the Lilly for Target release. I knew the collaboration was happening several months ago, as did every other Lilly Pulitzer and Target fan on the planet. I thought, well I can stay up till midnight and order a couple things. Only then the release was slated for midnight CA time. I wasn't doing THAT. I figured some things may be sold out by morning, but probably I could find something I wanted when I got up at 6:30. WRONG. So then I figured, well, I can take a ride up to Target and buy in store. I'm up early, and will be home in time to do the barn chores and what not. I got there at 9:10, ten minutes after they opened. NOT A THING WAS LEFT. NOTHING! I mean, they had even taken the displays down already. So I was like, well, that's a bummer. But really, it's Lilly for Target, not REAL Lilly Pulitzer. I was disappointed since there were some cute things at very reasonable prices I was interested in. But not so interested that I would pay real Lilly Pulitzer prices for any of it. And let me tell you, those shelf clearing ladies had it ALL up on ebay that very same day. At no less than FOUR TIMES the Target prices. Crazy.
Time went by, and this girl I follow on Instagram had a few items for sale at not too crazy prices. I think she maybe made 10 dollars over her cost. But still I was all nooooo, I'm not doing that! But then I caved. And I bought two items. Here they are:

Pink Eyelet Shorts and Pineapple flip flops. I just couldn't help myself. I wound up paying $80 for both including shipping. Had I bought them from Target they would have cost me around $60 with tax. My main reason for not wanting to buy from resellers is that it encourages people to run out and clear the shelves to make money off those of us who aren't insane enough to wait in line to buy things we don't need. But I do believe my Insta Friend found these items after people starting making returns. So she isn't really the problem. Not exactly. Irresponsible of me? Yes. But I have no regrets!

Have you ever bought items like this? Would you lose sleep and/or wait in crazy lines just to go shopping?


  1. LOL! No one was spared from the Lilly madness!

    So to be honest, I'm tragically unhip. And I'm also not too preppy, so LP isn't my jam. Mr PugRunner was at Target the morning of the big sale but he didn't notice any craziness (although he's pretty oblivious so I guess I'm not surprised). There are places in the country where there was ton of available merchandise all day, and places where the shelves were picked clean in seconds. Insane.

    I don't think I would stay up all night for clothing sales. I might do it for concert tickets or race registration though :)

    1. There are VERY few Target locations anywhere near where I live. The closest is about 40 minutes away, so I guess it's not shocking it was picked clean so quickly. It was definitely insane though!
      YES! Race registration and concert tickets are for sure more worthy a sleepless night than a clothing sale!