Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What's Up Wednesday!

Wednesday already! Phew! Things have been so busy, time is flying by. Thankfully the warm weather has arrived, which just makes all the crazy a whole lot more tolerable. That and lists. Lots of lists. Let's see what's been up with this amateur!

 Not too much has happened at the farm. The boys are getting some fitness back, and it's finally warm enough to wash them so they smell a whole lot better! (Thanks goodness.) They all got new sheets too. Lucky kids!

Nothing new with the short kids really. P is on some antibiotics for a UTI (story of her life), but she seems to be feeling well!

I've been a pretty decent week in the training department... Well kind of. Good in some ways, not in others. Last Thursday I met Vanessa and Pepper for our regular 3 miler It was lovely!
Saturday I had lots of good intentions. I was running a 5K in the morning with my friend Tracy, and then hoped to run 6 more when I got back home to make up my long run for the weekend. But you know... the best laid plans and all that. Let's just say, the extra six never happened. But the 5K did, and it went great! I'll do a race recap in another post, but the meantime, here's a sweaty post run selfie.

Tuesday I thought, well maybe today will be a good day to get that split run finished... I'll do 4 in the morning and then 5 on the treadmill after I ride. Hahahahahaha! We all know that didn't happen. I DID manage to get up and go running before work. I only had time for 3, but I got them done! By the time I was done with the horses it was close to 9 and I was SO HUNGRY. I knew if I ate a meal I wouldn't run. But if I didn't eat a meal, I couldn't run. So I went with eating and not running. This may be why I'm chubby... I've decided to just accept that the 9 miler isn't happening. 10 this weekend though!

-Other stuff
My birthday was last Thursday! I love birthdays. Even if I am now officially an old spinster. My coworkers spoiled me at work with cake AND donuts!

My mom brought me Chinese food for dinner and a couple of my friends stopped by the house with cake! And you know, birthday's should last awhile, so my family took me out for dinner and more cake on Saturday night. (Maybe missing my long run isn't the cause of the chubby... maybe it's all the goodies...)
On a sad note, we lost a family friend to cancer on Wednesday. We spent Sunday celebrating his life. Funerals are never easy.

So that's what's been up this week! What's been up with all of you? Do anything exciting this past weekend? Run any races? Gone to any horse shows?

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