Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thursday's Threads!

Happy Thursday Friends! Though my running buddies weren't able to make it, I did manage to get up and rum 3 miles. Slowly. On the treadmill. SOOOOoooooo.... that means you get a double dose of threads today!
First up, my ROOTD:
The fearless figure head of my online running group Outrun38 is currently in the hospital fighting the good fight against Cystic Fibrosis. Thus, I felt compelled to sport my Outrun38 tank for today's run. Please take a moment to click the Outrun link and learn a little about what they are doing to beat CF.
Ok, welcome back! Let's look closer at my outfit today!

Top: Outrun38

Flashing my "L" for Liz this morning
I love this top. Not only because of what it stands for, but also because it's ridiculously comfortable and light weight. I need to stock up on some more Outrun gear soon!

Shorts: Pony
I've recently decided that the 2-in-1 shorts (or skirts) are my favorite. Having leggings under the shorts cuts down on the chub rub considerably! Not so much for longer runs, not much you can do there, except maybe drop some chub... but for the shorter runs, these are the way to go! Plus, how could I not have clothes by a brand called Pony?

Sneakers: Mizuno
I had found Mizuno's past season colors for really low prices awhile back, so I had gotten a second pair of the ones you're used to seeing, and also these. These are the Wave Hitogami. They are a little lighter weight than the Wave Sayonara that I normally wear. I've been throwing these on here and there to mix things up a little. I think my Sayonara's are getting close to running retirement, and I'd like them to get me through the half at the end of the month. So these are taking up some miles to help with that. I like them a lot! Yay for Mizuno!

And now, my work outfit:

I had a little trouble dragging myself out of bed in time for my run since I didn't have friends waiting for me outside. (Shocking I know.) Which meant I was super late getting myself ready for work. I knew I wanted to wear some of my birthday presents today. But I really should have unfolded the items prior to planning my outfit.... I thought my top was a polo shirt. Turns out, it's a tank top. But I didn't have time to find something else, so I'm wearing a jacket at work today. It's cool though, the jacket is adorable!

Here's everything up close!
Top: Ariat
My dad and stepmom gave me this top for my birthday along with the jacket. I love the colors, and I even love that it's sleeveless. I just wish I had figured that out sooner. I would have saved this for later in the season. Either way, the color is perfect, and it's fits great too!

Jacket: Ariat
I love the details on this jacket. The pink logo that matches the lining, the stirrup zipper pulls, the white stitching... It's all so cute! It's a great weight too, a shell with a very light lining. Also the sleeves have elastic on the inside to keep the draft out. Very well constructed! I think I could also use this for running on cool mornings, it's very breathable.

Pants: Seven Jeans
I wear these a lot. Comfy, only a little too long, nice dark color. Good pants!

I know! Best Sperry's ever, right?! I found these last year when I was in Saratoga on CLEARANCE! I think they were $35.00. I almost didn't try them on  because they're a half size smaller than I normally wear. But I decided to give them a shot. They're leather, so they could stretch... They fit PERFECTLY! Clearly, they came home with me. (Have I mentioned how much I love boat shoe season?)

Arm Candy:
 I kept it pretty simple today. (Mostly because I was running so late! It's a good thing my bracelets are stored sorted by color.) Anyway, the first bracelet is from the late great Little Black Bag. And you'll recognize my trusty watch.

The tiny pink rhinestone bracelet actually game from Julep. I believe it came in a pack of three in one of the mystery boxes. The blue rhinestone bracelet is from Express. It was also part of a multi-pack. And last is a Stacie Original leather bracelet. You can't see it, but the leather is a metallic blue, so it fits perfectly with today's color scheme.


My mom got me this gorgeous Coach bag and matching wallet for my birthday! I couldn't wait to switch into it! I'm so glad my gifts all happen to match each other (does my family know me well or what?!). How spoiled am I to have such generous family members with incredible taste?
That's what I'm wearing today! What about you?


  1. Replies
    1. Haha! I was definitely in a pink sort of mood that day!

  2. I use to only wear them. I switched to Brooks this past fall and they have also been good to me.

    1. I started out wearing Nike's, then switched to Newtons. The Newtons made my little toes go numb. So then I found Mizuno. And I fell in LOVE! I've heard great things about Brooks, I may have to try them next!

  3. Replies
    1. Right? I remember when they were not much of anything. Who did they hire that designs such awesome everything now?

  4. I love your running shoes !! I also love your entire workout. You have the cutest clothes!

    1. Thank you! I have a shopping problem...