Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What's Up Wednesday!?

Is it weird that I'm already starting to panic that the summer is flying by? Slow down time! I really think we need to have a little chat with Momma Nature about this 10 month long winter and 2 month long summer. I'm not ok with the ratio. But thankfully, it's hot and sunny and amazing out right now!
Let's see what's been up this past week!
I had such a great week with the four leggeds! I had a lesson with Jampy on Thursday. We kept the jumps low since he's not all that fit. But he was great! I jumped him on my own on Sunday also, and put the fences up a little finally. I had the out of the combination at 3' and the single jumps at 2'6". This week we'll have to start jumping 3' courses. Saratoga is approaching quickly!
I ordered some new jumps finally, and I can't wait for them to arrive! I want to build the rest of my course. I think they said about 3 weeks.... Ugh. I hate waiting.
Ducky has been SO GOOD this week! He's finally really relaxing and wanting to work. He still gets a little spooky, but it's over quickly now and doesn't carry through the entire ride. Last night I even rode him in an English bridle! He's been in the western one since last year, so this is a big step! I used an elevator bit (it has long sides where the reins attach for extra leverage) because I figured it's similar to the western bit, but a little softer. Baby steps!
Rio is always perfect, so that's nothing new! Below are some photos of him being handsome, and the other boys from this week.

Vanessa and I wound up getting our 3 miles done on Thursday. Yay us! It was a weirdly cold morning, just in the 40's. But we bundled up and got it done! We also met on Sunday for a longish run. Unfortunately, we went at the worst time. It was hot. So HOT. And humid. Ugh. We struggled, but we got five miles in! I know a lot of runners have trouble with the taper.... Not me! I'm like yeah! SHORT RUNS!!! Woohoo! But I gotta tell you, that five was way harder than my 12 last week. Thank goodness for great company! My Tuesday run couldn't happen because I needed to bring my trailer in for service before work.  I WILL RUN TWICE THIS WEEK THOUGH! I have to. My half marathon is THIS SUNDAY! That's only 4 days away. Number 6 in four days. Yikes. Let's just hope I can keep it under two and a half hours.
post run relaxing with P
They live the life. Lots of sleeping, a little walking, some playing... Here they are enjoying the sunshine:

-Other Stuff
Friday I got to see my boys play some baseball! I'm a big Yankee fan and love going to the Bronx to see them play. Also the eating... I have a full list of things I need to shove in my pie hole while at The Stadium. Thankfully I have friends to share with or I'd leave there 10 lbs heavier at least. It was a chilly night, and they LOST, but still a ton of fun!

It was a family filled long weekend too! Saturday evening we celebrated my mom's birthday (it was on Thursday) with a cookout. We had a lot of fun, but I didn't think to take any photos. Sorry! Monday my dad cooked for us and some of the neighbors. Needless to say, I spent the long weekend with food in my face pretty much the entire time. Sign of a good weekend my friends!

That's what's up with me this Wednesday! What's up with you? Did you have a nice long weekend? Attend any parades or bbq's? Get your runs in? Horse shows? Tell me all about it!