Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thursday's Threads

I've been super lazy this week about planning ahead with my outfits. It's been more of a mad scramble out of bed and throw on whatever is clean kind of week. I did however manage to at least match. Here's today's outfit:

Sweater and jeans is always a safe way to go in the winter time! (Please excuse my mountains of shoes in the background.) Let's look closer:

Sweater: American Eagle by way of TJ Maxx

I'm such a sucker for cable knit... I like the big cowl neck on this one, and it's loose boxy fit. Perfect for all the holiday goodies I've been packing into my belly!I love the marled pink and gray; makes it more fun than just a regular solid color. There's a chance if they still have them after the holidays that I may need this in another color...

Pants: Hot Kiss
I'm confident you've seen these before. They're a light gray denim with a distressed look to them. But NO HOLES!  I don't really like the pre-ripped jeans. At least, not to wear to work. It's casual here, but I think that's probably taking it too far.
This color is perfect with the sweater as it makes the gray pop. Last time I wore this sweater with navy blue and it looked great, but I think it's better with the gray pants.

Boots: Sugar
These are a short boot, and truth is... They're from the kids department. I wear a size 6 which is the same as a children's 4. They are canvas with pink laces and pink elastic inserts on the sides. They go perfectly with the sweater! Perhaps too much gray on gray with the pants? I'm undecided there. But I think it works.

Arm candy:
 Left is sporting my horse bracelet that you're going to get tired of soon. (Sorry, not sorry, I love this one!) Also a friendship bracelet, that I THINK might be Shashi, but honestly I'm not sure, and my trusty gold watch.
Righty has a friendship bracelet from Gypsies and Debutantes and a wrap bracelet from Zulilly.

Well that's it from here! What do you think? Too much pink? Too much gray? Just right? What are you wearing today?


  1. You always look so CUTE! I love that sweater, I'm a sucker for a good cowl neck too. <3

    1. Aww! Thank you!
      I always forget how great cowl necks are until I put them on. And then I'm all... Ohhh! It's like instafancy!