Monday, December 15, 2014

We got to see the sun this weekend!!!

I mentioned last week that we hadn't seen the sun here in FOREVER. Thankfully it was out full force for the majority of the weekend. AND it was in the forties (which is warmish for this time of year). That makes for a happy Stacie, and a lovely weekend.
Saturday was super busy. I was up and out of the house by 7 to feed and turnout the horses. While they were out I cleaned their stalls. I was done by 11 so I could meet up with my friend Tracy and take a lesson with her at the barn where she rides. I'm sorry to say I forgot to take pictures of the adorable little mare I got to ride. But I had SO MUCH FUN! I'm really enjoying getting to ride some different horses. And it's really making me aware of all the habits I've accumulated by riding only my own horses. Apparently I assume all horses drift left, and can't understand why my distance doesn't work out when the horse I'm riding actually goes straight... Ok, I totally understand. But I still let it happen anyway. This is why I'm an amateur.
I had enough time after riding to get home, feed my four legged kids, and get showered and dressed for my company holiday party. For the last few years it's been held at the Fox Hopyard.

I actually look forward to the party every year. The food there is amazing, and it's nice to see the coworkers in a social setting once in awhile. Here's what I wore:

Dress: Max Studio
Shoes: Nine West

Necklace: From Little Black Bag, I forget the brand... sorry!
 Watch: Betsey Johnson
Confession... the watch under that jewel isn't actually working... shhhhh don't tell!
Bracelets: From Little Black Bag
Ring: Family heirloom
 Wristlet: Prada
From my dad, he has amazing taste.
It was a fun evening. I stuffed myself full of delicious food. And in true old lady fashion, was home by 10:45. In my jammies by 11. It was a long day, but full of fun things!

Sunday I was spoiled, as I had a helper in the barn. My plan was to sleep in and then get breakfast in town at The Villager. But I woke up at 7. Go figure. I lounged around for a bit before heading out for breakfast. Ran a few errands after that and was back at the homestead by 1. I let the dogs out, then spent a few hours giving the horses some much needed extensive grooming. I don't know how they get so dirty when they are wearing blankets. They really are good at what the do! The remainder of the day was dedicated to laundry mostly. And wrapping a few presents. Here's one of the gifts for my mom:
Dad's getting one too, only his frame is navy. He doesn't like green. How handsome is Rio in this picture?! Makes me miss summer SO MUCH!
The chores were done by 9 pm and the pugs got some much deserved cuddle time. I shall leave you with some adorable photos of the short kids:

Hope you all had a great weekend too!


  1. I remember that necklace from LBB but not the brand either. I miss LBB. :(

    1. I miss it so much! I still had a small credit left from something being OOS (remember the lingo?!) and I finally bought something from Pose. Well... they sent me the wrong item. But they did take it back and got me the correct one. But still. Definitely didn't change my mind about them. And it never let me trade after I bought the item, not that I wanted to, but if that's the case, they're no different than any other used item website.

    2. I remember using a credit on pose when the merger happened but I honestly cannot remember what I bought. I still have a bin of my LBB stuff that I haven't used, such nostalgia. :(

      I haven't used pose since that first day, it's just not the same.